Polite And Ravishing: Is This Really Possible?

Polite And Ravishing: Is This Really Possible?

This is a Benedict Cumberbatch fanfiction.
I got inspired to create this by this picture:

I hope you enjoy.

Aphrodite "Dyte" Chase
Blue/Gold eyes
Dark Blonde hair

Chapter 2

Across An Ocean

"Dyte, wake up!" I heard Sara shout as I felt something soft hit me quite hard on my face.

"Ow..." I threw the pillow off and saw Sara standing there. "What was that for?"

"Your alarm went off ten minutes ago and woke me up. Now you wake up, 'cause that driver called. He'll be here in 20 minutes."

"Fine, fine, I'll get up...Can I have some privacy?"

Sara went to the curtains and wrenched them open, letting the sun stream in and practically burn out my retinas. "Nope. I'm making sure you stay up and don't waste this awesome opportunity."

I pulled myself to a sitting position and let out a huge yawn, and felt yet another item get tossed at my face. It was clothes, the same ones I'd set out the night before after I got out of the shower: a black beaded blouse and faded bell-bottom jeans. Some of the clothes I'd had to buy forever ago after moving in with Sara.

She stood nearby as promised while I pulled myself out of bed and carefully got dressed. Once I brushed my hair and put on my shoes, a pair of black heeled sandals Sara thought were 'necessary', she seemed to be satisfied with how awake I was and left the room.

I checked the time and saw it was 7:55, and the driver would arrive any minute now. Sara was waiting by the door when I came dragging my bag out of my room, and held a pair of matte blue-framed sunglasses in her hand. "I hear it's awfully sunny in London this time of year."

"Yeah, like you would know." I took them and pushed them onto my face, and Sara opened the door to our apartment. Thankfully we were only on the first floor, so all I had to do was go out of the building door and I was out on the sidewalk. She watched from the window as a sleek black BMW pulled up in front of our building and a black-clad driver exited the front seat.

We looked at each other with shocked expressions before waving excitedly and going our separate ways. Sara went back into the apartment and I climbed in the backseat of the car as the driver took my luggage bag and placed it in the trunk.

I guess he knew exactly where to go, because besides an introduction, he said almost nothing. I decided to pull out my headphones and plug them into my cell phone so I could listen to some music on the hour long drive to Philadelphia.


"Miss...miss...Yer'll 'ave ter wake up now, the plane will be landin' soon." I blinked several times and looked groggily up at the woman beside me. "Please fasten your seatbelt for the descent."

I lazily fumbled for the two halves of the seatbelt and clicked them together, and had to resist the urge to go back to sleep. I had no idea what time it was, but the dark sky outside the plane window told me it was late. I knew there was a time zone difference between here and back in Pennsylvania, but my brain didn't even want to try and figure out what time it was. I was too tired.

But I probably wouldn't be able to sleep, being in a new, weird place.

I held tightly onto my plush business-class seat and stared out of the window at the fast-approaching ground. There was nobody seated beside me, which I found odd considering how almost every other seat was filled in this section of the airplane.

The planed skidded down the lighted runway until it rolled slowly to a stop, and then began the laborious process of taxiing into the terminal. I'd never flown before, but the stewards kept making random announcements over the PA system, so I picked up on what was generally happening.

When the plane finally jolted to a stop, the stewards opened the cabin door and my section of the plane was called to exit first. A smiling stewardess helped me get my one bag out of the overhead compartment and I made my way carefully out of the plane. I wasn't just paranoid about being on a plane, I was paranoid about falling in the heels I was wearing. I still wondered why I let Sara push me into wearing these.

Just like it was in the movies, there was a bunch of people waiting, some with name signs, and I giggled quietly to myself. I scanned for one bearing my name, since I'd been told someone would be at this airport to pick me up.

Sure enough, there was an official-looking black-clad man holding a sign that said 'Dyte Chase' and I went to him. "I'm Ms. Chase."

"Hello, ma'am. I have your car waiting just outside to take you into London to your hotel. Please, come this way."

I followed the man through the large, and quite frankly confusing, crowded airport to the cool outdoors. The man had most likely been to this airport to get people before, I guessed, since he seemed to know where he was going. There was a black BMW just like the one that had picked me up in Lancaster, and the man took my bag and put it into the trunk.

I saw that there was already someone in the back seat, and fear immediately spiked in my mind. "They...they didn't tell me there would be two people picking me up...Who's that?"

"That is Mr. Cumberbatch. He requested that he be here to greet you personally tonight when you arrived."

"What?!" My voice raised at least an octave as panic joined my fear.

The driver opened the back passenger door and out popped the black-haired, blue-eyed, smiling face of Benedict Cumberbatch. My knees became like jelly and I nearly fell over.

"Come on in, it's awfully cool outside this evening." His voice was a deep baritone that tickled at my insides, and I let out a giggle that sounded quite like a yelp.

He slid over and I sat in the space he'd just vacated as the driver shut the door behind me, and I noticed the leather seat was quite warm. I had to hold back more yelping giggles.

It very nearly pitch black in the back of the car, and I squirmed uncomfortably. A slim white hand reached up and clicked on the small overhead light that popped on when the doors were open, and it was now dim enough that I could see just how close the two of us were in that backseat. I shifted slightly to the right so we weren't in such danger of touching, not that I was given much of a choice.

"I'm quite sure you already know who I am, but I think it's right to introduce myself regardless. Benedict Cumberbatch, or just Ben. Or some mangled, mispronounced version of my name, if you prefer."

My restraint from giggling broke, and I let out a peal of laughter. "Nice to know...Dyte Chase." I put my undoubtedly clammy hand in his dry, warm one and we shook.

"Dyte? How interesting..."

"Well, my name's actually Aphrodite, like the Greek goddess, but I don't like to use it...So I just go by Dyte."

"Why on Earth do you not like to go by Aphrodite? I happen to think it is a beautiful name." I felt my face immediately burn dark red, but he didn't laugh or cajole me. Instead, he turned toward me in his seat and asked "Did your mother give you that name?"

I nodded, looking down. I didn't want to talk about my parents, but I also didn't want to be rude to this person that was spending his precious time with me, when he so obviously could've been somewhere else.

"She has a thing about ancient cultures...There was a great big fight about my name with my dad, apparently, but I guess she won."

"Do you still live with them? Someone told me you were young, um...18, I think?" I nodded.

"My 19th birthday happens to be on the day of your movie premiere on the second." Ben's smile spread into a full-blown grin, but I didn't mirror it. "Yes, I suppose anyone would be excited about such a big event on their birthday..."

I think he detected my grief, because the next thing he asked was "You aren't anyone, are you?"

I shook my head. "My birthday's never exactly been a happy day. It's been rare that I get presents, and I've never had a party, not even when I was young. My dad was never home and my mother didn't care, so I'd always have to come up with things to do on my own...I remember one time, when I was in 10th grade, my precalculus class sung me 'Happy Birthday' and I got a celebratory pencil from the teacher..."

"Precalculus in 10th grade..? Smart and beautiful." I cringed slightly. "Well, since you'll be spending the day with me anyway, why don't I take you out for your 19th birthday? We'll have the premiere and then dinner, and then go anywhere you want. Perhaps out for drinks?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Taking a young one like me out for drinks...Wouldn't that be irresponsible of you?"

"Why, are you an irresponsible drunk?" I chuckled.

"No, no...Not that I'm in the habit of drinking or anything, since it's illegal for me where I come from..."

We looked at each other in silence for a moment before bursting into laughter. I looked briefly out the dark tinted window of our car and saw we were surrounded by buildings now. We must've just entered London.

"Yes, I think a drink or two after dinner would be alright...Just as long as you promise to get me back to my hotel room unscathed."

Ben put his right hand in the air as he said "I promise to get you back to your hotel room mostly unscathed." We laughed again as we pulled up in front of the Strand Palace Hotel, a big and fancy place, or so I'd seen when I briefly checked out their website back in Lancaster.

He surprised me by getting out at the same time I did, and I asked confusedly "Are you staying here too..?"

"Perhaps I am...Or perhaps I'm getting you safely to your room, as I promised."

I attempted, and probably failed, not to look flustered as the driver retrieved my bag from the trunk and I gave him a $10 tip. I also asked "Will you be the same one that's supposed to drive me around all this week?"

"Yes ma'am."

I perused my lips. "Then I guess I'll have to make sure I tip you graciously, then."

The man smiled warmly. "That would be much appreciated. Thank you, ma'am. Have a good night."

I watched him get in the BMW and drive away before I turned and followed Ben into the front doors of the hotel.

Wait, when did I start calling him Ben? I sighed mentally.

He held the door opened as I went through it and, feeling particularly witty, I remarked "Such a gentleman...Were you taught that in school?"

He grinned. "Perhaps I simply know how to treat a pretty lady." I blushed and my wittiness evaporated. Damn him and his devilishly good looks and sultry voice.

Gah! I cursed myself internally.

I shuffled along to the front desk and gave my name and handed over my I.D. The woman there handed it back with an electronic room key and explained to me how to get to my room. Take the lift to the 5th floor, all the way down the right-hand hall, room 513. I was in a 'Cosy Double Room', but it didn't really matter to me. As long as it had a bed and a bathroom, I was content.

Ben and I made our way to one of the lifts and he called it down, and I said "So, going to escort me straight to the door, or shall I make that trip all on my own?"

He chuckled. "My room happens to be one floor up, 619, so I think you'll have to. Assuming you're not afraid?"

I feigned offense. "This happens not to be the first time I've been out in a strange place on my own, you know...I can do just fine."

"Oh?" I sighed.

"I think we'll save that conversation for another time. I've had just about enough excitement for one night." The lift doors opened and one person got out, and we stepped in, alone. I punched the buttons for 5 and 6, and the doors closed and the lift lurched up.

I stared down at my knotted fingers as the lift made its way slowly up to the 5th floor, and rocked back and forth on the balls of my feet. Despite our conversation, I was as afraid and panicky as I was when I first spied Ben in the back of the BMW. If anything, I was more afraid, because of how I'd gone and blabbed about how horrible my childhood was. Thank goodness I'd had enough sense left to stop talking when I did...He didn't need to know about my 6 month homeless period, when I'd gone without food, water, and had devolved into a criminal.

I didn't even want to think about all of that...Because every time I did, I got pissed off. Pissed off about my parents, pissed off about how I had to rely on Sara, pissed about everything bad that had ever happened to me. And that was a lot.

As the lift slowed to a stop on 5, I felt Ben's hand touch my elbow. "If you'd like...I can treat you to breakfast tomorrow morning."

I looked up from my hand and gasped. I hadn't noticed the entire time we were talking before, but here in the lift, the bright lights showed off the hue of his eyes. They weren't just blue, but also green and gold, all mixed and faded together in neat little patterns. It was a heady combination.

"You don't need to do that. I have been given a hefty sum of money to spend on this trip as I please...Besides, I hate people spending money on me."

"Would that be any of the reason why you seem so upset?"

I nodded. "But as I said before, that is a conversation for another time...I need a good night's rest if I'm to be going out anywhere tomorrow."

"So, is that a yes for breakfast?" I shrugged. "I'll be knocking at your door, 8am sharp. I suggest you get some sleep, Ms. Chase."

I resisted the urge to chuckle at his politeness. It was actually quite refreshing, compared to the people I usually dealt with.

"You go get some sleep yourself, Mr. Cumberbatch." I finally stepped out of the lift as the doors began to shut, again. "See you tomorrow." I saw his mouth turn up into a grin as the doors finally closed.

Feeling better than I had when I woke up that morning, I strolled down the hall to room 513 and slid the keycard into the lock, and it beeped to signal it was unlocked. I went in and shut the door, but didn't take much time to observe my surroundings. I was suddenly, incredibly tired.

I let my luggage bag drop to the floor and stripped out of my clothes, falling onto the soft double bed with a contented sigh.


Knock...Knock, knock...

"Mmm..." I pulled a pillow over my head, but the knocking continued, and I grumbled angrily. I looked at the beside clock and saw it was only 8 in the morning. "What the hêll..."

I rolled off the bed and stumbled to the door, not bothering to see who it was before I wrenched it open.

A pair of blue/green/gold eyes stared back at me as I froze in shock. The longer I stared, the more memories from the night before came back to me, and the redder my face became.

Chuckling, Ben asked me "You didn't set an alarm, did you?"

"No...No I didn't." I looked down at myself and let out a yelp, almost slamming the door in his face. "Um...Give me a moment." He chuckled again as I shut the door and scrambled about the room. I picked up my clothes from the night before and threw them on the bed along with my luggage bag.

I unzipped it and pulled out the first two things I could find, a pair of grey pants and a white T-shirt with a ruched right shoulder. Oh well, I didn't have time to find better. I quickly got dressed and returned to the door, and Ben was still waiting patiently.

I opened it and sheepishly said "Sorry...Please, come in." He entered and I closed the door quietly. "Sorry I didn't wake up on time...and that you had to see so much of my marred skin..."

"It's alright, I've been known to wake up quite late on occasion. And I happened to not see a thing. Though I'm sure you're skin isn't that bad." I wasn't quite sure if he was telling the truth about not seeing my skin or just being modest, but I didn't inquire any further.

"I,uh...I'll just be a moment..." I grabbed my mini bag of supplies and scurried into the bathroom. After quickly brushing my hair and deciding to go without makeup, I scurried back into the bedroom and pulled my white sneakers out of my luggage bag.

Ben remarked "Do you have an infinite number of things in there?"

"Hardly. These and the black heels I wore over here are the only shoes I have, and I have a limited amount of clothing...This is the only bag I brought."

"You travel lightly."

"One doesn't need to bring much along when one doesn't have much in the first place." Another raised eyebrow. "Breakfast first, story time later."

"That sounds acceptable. Shall we be going?"

"Yes...Wait. Where are we going?"

"Oh, just a little place I happen to know, it's a 5 minute walk...Up for it?"

I narrowed my eyes. "Just because I happen to have a belly on me, doesn't mean I can't walk 300 metres. Let's go." I practically stormed out of the hotel room and Ben followed, laughing as he went.


"Well, that was quite delicious...I think I feel a bit fatter, though." We both laughed as I sat back in my chair, digesting the meal I'd just eaten. It'd been ages since I'd eaten breakfast, and I felt...full.

"You didn't eat much."

"Well, I don't usually eat breakfast at all. I'm not used to it." I felt my phone buzzing silently in my back pocket and pull it out to see Sara's number flashing on screen. I hit talk and said "Hi."

"Hey!" Despite her enthusiasm, she sounded exhausted. "Oh my God, you're actually awake..."

"And I'm eating breakfast, with a rather handsome fellow, I might add..." Ben chuckled across the table from me. "A better question is, what're you doing up? It's got to be 3am in Lancaster!"

"Yeah, but I wanted to make sure you were okay, since you didn't call when you got in last night."

"Oops...sorry about that...I had a surprise waiting for me at the airport and totally forgot. Don't kill me!"

She laughed. "I won't...What was the surprise? And who's the hot guy you're having breakfast with?" Before I could answer, she let out a loud gasp. "Oh. My. God. Is it that Benedict guy? The celebrity one?"

"Yes, Benedict is the 'hot guy' I'm having breakfast with..." My face burned red as he laughed even more. "Look, you know I'm alive and I know you're alive, so how about you go get some sleep? You can call when you're not talking so loopy."

"Okay, okay...Don't forget to make a pass at him, okay? Do it for me!" I couldn't help but grin wide as I hung up on a tired, giggling Sara.

Once Ben had calmed down from his burst of laughter, I apologized. "Sorry you had to hear that...But my friend and roommate Sara says 'hello.'"

"So it seems...Now what was that she called me? Or what you called me?" I made a face. "I'm sorry if it seems I'm patronizing you, it's just amusing to hear you speak that way."

"You mean happily? I wouldn't say it's amusing...Different, maybe. Maybe if we talked about things other than my gruesome life, you'd hear me speak that way more often."

"While your life may be gruesome to you, it does not mean it has to be a forbidden subject. Speaking of things often helps to get past them."

"Well, I've gotten past my family...Was kinda forced to." I began spilling my guts to him again. "I was kicked out of my parents house on my 18th birthday. They wouldn't let me go back for any of my things, so all I had to my name was a backpack full of clothes and $30 that I'd made babysitting. That didn't last me very long, so the next six months were pretty tough."

Ben's face turned to one of horror. "You were homeless? For six months?"

I nodded. "I could stay at a friends house every once in a while, just to shower and catch up, but they all still lived with their parents, so I could never stay more than a night or two. It was after the six months that Sara caught me shoplifting at our local mall. She's an assistant manager at one of the stores there now, but back then, she was just a saleswoman. We were friends before, but hadn't talked in quite some time, so when I told her what was going on she took me in immediately. She had just gotten her own apartment."

"That was awfully kind of her, taking you in like that...And you still live with her?" I nodded.

"I've been trying desperately to find a job, but nobody will hire me because of my lack of experience, so her job is supporting us both right now...I hate it. I hate having to mooch off of someone to survive. I supported myself all through my terrible childhood, and I'd like to be able to do it again."

"I'm sorry..." During my ranting, I hadn't noticed how sad Ben's face had become. "I hate to see others in a situation such as yours...I am glad you did not give in to whatever grief that situation must have given you, otherwise, I would not be able to sit and have such pleasant experiences with you."

"Thank you...But I should not have said anything. I don't like to bring others down with my personal issues, just because they're that, my issues. Getting kicked out and being homeless...It was not as bad as you might think. At least, not compared to some other things that have happened. My life has been one tragedy after another, and I can say I've been strengthened against anything that would hurt me."

"I suppose that is good...But suppose you have been strengthened too much? There is undoubtedly a point where you surpass a healthy level of strength and resort to simply blocking everything out. That is not healthy, because then you cannot enjoy happy times in life. You cannot enjoy a free vacation to another country, you cannot enjoy the large sum of money given to you, and you cannot enjoy the simple company of someone that happens to enjoy being with you."

I smirked a bit. "If you knew me well, you would probably not be saying such nice things...Especially about me. There's a reason why my list of friends has dwindled to one."

"Well, now it is at two." My smirk widened into a smile, despite me trying not to. "Now, shall we go elsewhere?"

"Sure. I warn you though, you may enjoy my company now, but I can't promise you will by the time my little vacation here is over."

"Oh, we'll see about that..."

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