Polite And Ravishing: Is This Really Possible?

Polite And Ravishing: Is This Really Possible?

This is a Benedict Cumberbatch fanfiction.
I got inspired to create this by this picture:

I hope you enjoy.

Aphrodite "Dyte" Chase
Blue/Gold eyes
Dark Blonde hair

Chapter 1

A Chance Victory

"What I need is a vacation..." I was texting my friend and roommate Sara; we were complaining to each other about how much we need a day off from our lives...Only I had started talking aloud to myself again. I quickly tapped the tiny keyboard on my phone and sent her my response, and went back to what I was doing.

Which wasn't much, admittedly. I was surfing Tumblr, looking for random photos and fan-fictions and anything to keep me from dying of boredom. Sara was on a lunch break from her job at the mall, the job that supported us both. Because I seemed to never be able to get a job, and she was so willing to take me in when my parents kicked me out...I hated it, though. Having to rely on someone else.

I was trying desperately to find a job so I could say I wasn't mooching off of Sara. I was currently waiting on applications to four different places, not that I expected results from any of them. I'd long since lost my hope that I'd find a worthwhile job in this town.

My phone pinged as Sara texted me back. Well, why don't you take one?

I'm broke, remember? Every bit of money I get goes to this apartment. I was referring to the 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom space we shared together in downtown Lancaster. The place I was probably going to be stuck in for the rest of my life.

Oh yeah...Hey, gotta go. Trouble again... I tossed my phone down as I knew Sara was probably running after a shoplifter. We had quite a few of those in our mall, myself previously included. That was a while ago...when I got kicked out of my parents house on my 18th birthday and they didn't let me come back for any of my things. That was how Sara, who was already my friend, found out about my situation and that very day became my roommate.

Next week would make it a whole year since I got kicked out, and 6 months since I came to live with Sara. Next week was also my 19th birthday.

My phone began to ring, and I thought it was Sara calling to tell me of whoever she'd caught. She sometimes did that.

I answered with an unexcited "Was it interesting?"

I knew immediately it wasn't Sara, because the other person was quiet for a moment before asking "Is this Aphrodite Chase?"

I nearly rolled off my bed. "Um, yes, it is...Sorry. Who is this?"

"I'm contacting you about your entrance into the celebrity sweepstakes you entered approximately a month ago, when..."

"Wait, wait, wait...What sweepstakes? The internet movie voting thing?" A few weeks ago, I'd voted on some internet movie poll, and had been 'automatically entered' into some contest. I never thought anything serious about it, though.

"Yes, that thing..." The woman on the other end sounded slightly worried. "Are you alright, ma'am?"

"Yes, yes, I'm just a bit...surprised. I didn't think I would be getting a call about this. Is something the matter with my information?"

"No, no, this is a congratulatory call. You've won! An all expense paid trip to to London for a week, and a celebrity escort to the London premiere of Star Trek: Into Darkness, along with a personal driver and $5,000 to spend as you wish..."

I was stunned silent. Was this person serious? "Wait...are you kidding me? Is this some kind of spam or prank call? Is someone messing with me?"

"No ma'am, this is absolutely serious. We tried to contact you several days ago, but it seems there was no answer...Are you still interested in the offer? If not, we have the runner-up decided already."

"No! I'm still interested!" Last week...They must've called when I was out filling out those job applications. "I was very busy last week...But I'm totally free now! I'm not too late to accept, am I?"

"No, you're just in time. If you have something to write with, I have all of the information you'll need to know."

"Sure, just give me a moment..." I grabbed my laptop, actually Sara's laptop, and opened up a new Word document. "Okay, I'm ready."

Half an hour after and with throbbing fingertips, I thanked the woman and hung up, and immediately saved the Word document. There was no way I was losing all of this precious information.

I snapped the laptop shut and stuck it in Sara's carrier bag, and took that, my hoodie, phone, and bus pass with me as I scrambled out of our apartment. The Queen Street bus station was only a few short blocks away, short enough that I was there in less than 5 minutes as I almost ran down the street.

Buses 1, 2, and 3 all went to the mall where Sara worked, and I hopped on the first one to arrive -number 3- and slid my bus pass through the scanner. I chose a seat way in the back and pulled out my phone to call Sara.

"Hey...what's up?" She sounded confused, which I expected. It was unusual for me to call her or anyone, given my fear of talking on the phone. That fear was practically obliterated in that very moment.

"Look, I'm coming to you right now. Can you meet me in the food court, by the pretzel stand? I really need to talk to you."

"What..? Did something happen? Are you hurt?"

"No, but there's something you really need to know...Something I can't say in person. Look, can you meet me or not?"

"Yeah, I can meet you...You're on the bus?"

"Yeah. It's already halfway there." The bus was making its loops through the city before it jumped onto the highway for the short ride to the mall. "Just be in front of the pretzel stand, okay?"

"Okay, okay..." I hung up and bounced in my seat as I waited anxiously. I had the urge to yell for the driver to go faster, but I know I just would've got kicked off, and I couldn't walk all the way to the mall. I wasn't exactly 'in shape', and it was 4 miles from downtown Lancaster to the Park City mall right outside the city limits.


Ten minutes later, the bus pulled up in front of the mall and I was the first one out. I nearly sprinted to the food court entrance and there Sara was, waiting in her black shirt and pants, her 'uniform.' She looked extremely worried, and I knew the distraught expression on my face probably didn't look any better.

"What is this about?"

"I got a phone call, I thought it was you, but it was this lady about this thing I entered, and..."

"And what?"

I looked around and saw an empty tablet just a few feet away. I dragged Sara to it and brought out her laptop, pulling up the document I'd saved just minutes before. It felt like hours.

She scanned over it quickly and looked up with wide eyes. "Are you kidding me? Are you fûcking kidding me!?" Her exclamation caused several people to look over. She ignored them. "Not five minutes after I tell you to take a vacation, you get a call saying you've won a free vacation to London...And $5,000! And a date with a celebrity! Bumbling what's-his-name..." I had to restrain the urge to burst out in laughter.

"That's not his name...But I know! Ahhh!!" We screamed in unison. "It's only a one person trip, I'm sorry I can't bring you..!"

She waved it off. "As long as you bring me back a juicy story and lots of pictures, I'll be fine. Maybe make a pass at that Ben guy..." I felt my face burn red. "Oh, come on, if you entered a contest about the guy, I know you had to've been thinking about it..."

"Well, yeah! But he's 36...36! And I'm only about to be 19!"

"So? It's just a rumble in the sack, it doesn't matter how old you both are! As long as you have a good time!"

"Says the girl who's never had a 'rumble in the sack' with anyone. Virgin." Sara cackled.

"Well, if I could take your place, that wouldn't be true after this week." My mouth dropped open in shock and she laughed again. "Just sayin'."

"Well, I will be doing no inappropriate things of that type while I am in London...I'll just be seeing the sights, drowning myself in hotel room service, and trying not to fall on my face as I walk down the red carpet. All touristy things..."

"Except that last part. I'm sure I'll see a picture on the Internet somewhere of you on the red carpet wearing a dress...And I'm sure your face will match the carpet, what with all those people and their cameras."

"Maybe I'll just go to the dinner and skip the movie premiere." Sara's mouth dropped open now. "You said it yourself, there's going to be tons of people with tons of cameras...I don't need to end up in some magazine or tabloid TV show looking like the great bit idiot that I am...Great big ugly idiot, I might add."

"Dyte...Aphrodite..." I gritted my teeth; Sara knew I hated it when she used my full name. That's why I went by Dyte. "When are you going to realize you are not the ugliest person on Planet Earth? You aren't even ugly! You're one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen!"

"You're my best friend, it's your job to tell me that..."

"If you want me to pull some random stranger over to tell you, I will..."

"No!" I grabbed Sara by the wrist and yanked her down into the seat beside me. "Don't do that...Look, I just know I'm not pretty, okay? I don't get attention from guys, I don't tress myself up by doing my hair or makeup, I'm not even skinny...What guy would want a girl with as many pudgy parts as I have?"

"Um, anyone with a brain? You might have some meat on you, but it's in all the right places...Your butt and your boobs, right where it needs to be. Me telling you how jealous I am of you should be evidence enough of that." I made a face and stuck my tongue out at her.

"There's a difference between being fûckable, and being pretty. I think my romantic history, or lack thereof, is evidence enough of that." I practically spat Sara's words back at her, knowing she couldn't deny them. I'd been with 5 guys before, and none of them were for a relationship.

'Been with' was probably too strong of a term...Sharing one or two nights together doesn't exactly constitute being 'with' someone.

Knowing the conversation was near to being unsalvageable, I quickly apologized. "I'm sorry...But don't we both know this is something we'll both never win at? You'll keep arguing that I'm pretty, and I'll keep arguing that I'm the scourge of the Earth..."

"Well, once you go on this trip and get some nice time in the limelight, I'm sure you'll have guys swarming all over you. Maybe even a few movie stars." She nudged my side and laughed, and the bad mood from just a moment earlier was immediately dissolved.


"Have you got everything packed?"

"Almost...Quit bothering me, and I might've gotten it done already." Sara giggled as she stood in my doorway and watched me cram a week's worth of clothes, practically half of everything I owned, into a luggage bag along with her laptop and camera. She'd insisted I take them, and we'd argued, but I lost.

"Make sure you take pictures of everything...I never get to go anywhere, and if you do, I wanna enjoy it too." I snickered.

"I'll be sure to take pictures of everything...Now can I go to sleep? It's getting rather late..."

Actually, it was only about 8pm, but a car was due to pick me up from here to take me to the Philadelphia airport in exactly 12 hours, and I needed the sleep if I was going to be waking up that early.

"Is there any particular reason you're being rushed out of here so fast? It was only yesterday you found out you won this thing, and now this...Are you sure you weren't the runner-up?" I shrugged.

"Does it matter? That just means whoever came before me missed their chance at a great week overseas, and I'm taking that chance instead. Their loss, not mine."

"There you go, now you're being enthusiastic about this trip!"

I made a face. "I am enthusiastic about it...Not so much about the red carpet, paparazzi, crazy fans everywhere bit. I mean, I haven't even got anything to wear!"

"Why do you think they gave you $5,000 to blow? They probably know you're a poor bâstard and need a bunch of money to buy a bunch of crâp. Just enjoy it."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah...How about you just get out of my room so I can sleep?"

I went to the door and pushed a giggling Sara out and shut the door. Instead of going right to sleep, I went into the bathroom and turned on the water. It was a standing shower, not a nice, large tub like I preferred at that moment, but I wasn't complaining. Anything with hot water was alright with me right now.

I turned the water up as hot as I could handle and stripped, closing the frosted glass shower door behind me as I entered. The shower quickly melted away the tension in my muscles and I sagged against the cold tile wall, exhausted. These last two days...They were like something straight out of a fairytale.

I win the opportunity to go to London, have dinner with one of the hottest celebrities of the time, and go to the premiere of his movie that I've been waiting 3 years for...It was definitely a fairytale.

Or a dream. A dream that I was waiting to wake up from.

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