The City Of Songs.....(A One Direction and The Mortal Instruments crossover)

By me and RueandMadge

RueandMadge Character:
Kestrel Azelescar

My Character:
Ariel Jay Blue

Chapter 2

Kessie:Back To America

Let me get this straight, I almost always wear my shadowhunter gear, but the one day I need it is the one day I don't have enough time to get changed. Yeah, I can't pack quickly, well I can't pack at all,but whatever, so I'm still in my everyday clothes, but I have my bow safely strapped on my back and I managed to scrounge a few knives which are in my jacket so yeah, if Valentine attacks,I'll kill him dead.
"So are you still saying this is real?" Niall suddenly questions, his unmistakable Irish accent striking me out of my thoughts. I prefer that Liam guys, he's slightly timid and he's nice and not a narrow-minded pottymouth and his black country accent is awesome, yeah that cockney accent thing just doesn't work for me.
"Well nah, I have been brought up like this and fought demon since I was six, but shall we skip it and talk about Unicorns instead?" I snap at him, really annoyed at him. Why the flipping hell can't he just keep his mind open and stop being a narrow-minded, idiotic elf! Yes elf! I hate that movie!
"Prove it." His voice comes out as sharp and annoyed. He's annoyed?! God, he's the annoying one! I need to prove it to him,but how. While I'm still glowering, I feel myself snatch up my steel and a knife. I push the knife into his hand in anger and frustration. I drag up my sleeve and point to my arm.

"Stab me." I state, my voice unnaturally calm.
"Stab you? What are you mental?! I am not stabbing you!" he yells, looking so confused.
"Trust me, if you don't stab me, I'll stab myself." I state taking a firm grip on my stele, still holding out my arm wondering when it'll start hurting.
"Stab you? You're serious?" he asks, again. This guy is very annoying.
"Well do you want you're proof?" I ask, rolling my eyes and glaring hard at him.
"Fine." he snaps and stabs my arm and I don't even flinch. I slowly start drawing an iratze on my arm and the cut disappears. I smirk at him and grab back my knife and throw it in my jacket.
"W-what,w-w-what d-d-d-" I cut the stumbling, bumbling, stuttering idiot off as I head to the door.
"Magic, finish packing."

And then I walk out and lean against the wall next to Zayn and Louis.
"What's up?" Louis asks glancing at the room I just abandoned.
"Zayn's hair."I mutter, really annoyed with Mr Leprechaun.
"Apart from that?" Zayn grins, kinda shyly.
"How the hell did you manage with that guy for 3 years?! Three years?!" I ask,my eyes as wide as the f♦cking Chamber of Secrets! THE CHAMBER OF F♦CKING SECRETS! I grip my head in frustration trying to calm down.
"Kes, calm down, what did he do?" Louis asks smirking at me. I punch him in the nose, lightly, so I don't break it or anything.
"Louis, that was stupid." Zayn laughs looking at Louis' nose, then I notice it's bleeding. Oops.

"Seriously, what the hell did he do?" Louis asks, wiping his nose and drawing an Iratze. Ooh, maybe I do punch too hard.
"Stabbed me." I grin at Louis which confuses him.
"Wait, Niall, baby of the band, stabbed you?" Zayn asks, looking at me quizzically. Don't really blame him, I've seen the video diaries, Niall seems so sweet in them.
"Dude, you can get anyone mad." Louis grins throwing the tissue at me. I catch it rolling my eyes at them.
"No, I told him to to you know, prove it to him about it being real. I used an Iratze and everything, but he is so frigging annoying not believing and everything!" I say, starting out laughing, but ending in a murder-the-leprechaun way.
"Well you like him." Zayn smirks, very sarcastically, I roll my eyes at him, but keep smiling and laughing. I've missed being with the guys, they're so funny.
"Oh shut up." I grin at them, still missing them.

We keep joking and laughing for a while before Louis mentions home and of course, I think of my amazing boyfriend, Jace.
"So do you miss Jace?" Louis asks and I notice Zayn tense up next to me, looking annoyed and awkward.
"Yeah, I really miss him and the blonde substitute here is no match, trust me." I say, once again, starting out happy and ending in the murder thing. Pretending I'm smiling big like that colon D thing.
"Yeah you really don't like him, do you?" Zayn asks, laughing, but he seems like really bitter. What's up with him, and not just his hair.
"No I do not."I nod, my eyes doing that frustrate widening thing.

"Well at least you'll see Jace tomorrow and you can kiss him..." Louis starts, but he trails off because Zayn walks off looking mad sad. You know that emotion where you're mad because you're sad? Oh shut up.
"Lou, what was that about?" I ask, very confused at this point.
"Zayn mate, wait up!" Louis calls, starting after Zayn. I shake my head, what is it with boys nowadays?
"Louis, what's going on?" I ask, calling after him wondering if I should chase him. Eh, I can't be bothered to; lazy shadowhunter, shocker, I know, now can you um well shut up? Yeah, I'm not polite.
"See you later Kessie!" Louis calls then runs after Zayn. I shrug my shoulders and walk around until I find a T.v. I collapse on the nearest sofa, scrounging for the remote. When I finally find it (AFTER A MINUTE OF SEARCHING! Flipping murder), I turn it on. Well what was I gonna do, turn it into a unicorn? Yeah, I know that'd be more awesome, but I can't so I turn the T.v on. That blonde reporter is on, that Holly woman who presents EVERYTHING on ITV. She points to a screen of destruction, my interest grows and I'm inclined to sit forward so I do. I'm not that lazy.
Syco music has just been blown up, police believe it's terrorist attack, the only thing preserved is a picture of Niall Horan and Liam Payne.

This is bad, very very very very bad.

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