First Thoughts repost

I saw this and I was completely bored at the time. Enough said.

Chapter 1

Do I really have to title it?

Yellow: The Space core.
Blue: A portal color.
Music: Still Alive.
Quibblo: This website.
School: The place where many fangirls spawn.
Table: Chair.
Plaid: shrugs
Cats: Never seen one.
Annoying: All the Personality Cores and Caroline.
Letters: Words.
Phone: I don't have one.
iPod: I don't need one.
Happy: What does that even mean?
Harry Potter: Dib, because he's dressing up as Harry for Halloween.
Top Friends: Mostly those on my side of the Fourth Wall.
Food: Cake. Which is not a lie, by the way.
Potato: Wheatley, birds, HORRIBLE MEMORIES THAT I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT, and that insane, mute test subject whose name nust not be spoken. Or typed.
Bricks: Buildings.
Pink: Fact Core.
Wood: Fire.
Rocks: Never seen one.
Unrelated: This was a waste of time.

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