Through the Trapdoor

Through the Trapdoor

Crystal Black wants nothing to do with leading a normal life, but this is not what she expected. She didn't know she'd show up in a different world where beast talk, Dwarfs, Fauns, and Centaurs roam. She didn't expect to be taken to a Place where trees move on their own and their God is an overgrown lion. Yes, Crystal has entered Narnia. Is there a reason she is there? Why does the Narnians seem to be in distress? With the help of her best friend Maverick Scrubb will they be able to help Narnia?

Chapter 1

Creaky Trapdoor

I opened the door to the small study that belonged to my father's study, I just got home from school and refused to do my homework in the dinning room. Of course I am not allowed to even be in here, but he is going to be away for quite a while on business so I might as well put the small book filled room to use! I looked for a history book that would be of use to my homework.
My father was thinking of doing the British Army, but, he can't! He loves his family too much to join the Army! I remember for three years, in 2010 he sent me away to live with my Aunt Petunia in America but he wanted me back. I came back and no one recognized me because my hair got darker from a shade of blonde to a light brown, and I have lost my British accent almost completely, with Aunt Petunia correcting me every time I spoke.
After the divorce he didn't think he could take care of me, but I was very angry at my mum for just running away like that. He told me he fought back calling Aunt Petunia to ask for me back but after three years he couldn't anymore. I just go back in the beginning of December, last week.
I pushed very light brown wildly curly hair away from my face, my black painted nails almost took my eye out in the process though.
I found a book on the shelf that read World War II On the side cover. Great! This will be perfect, I just have to call Maverick Scrubb about this so he can come over and help me with this dumb history project!
I picked up the old, tan land line and, while holding the spiral cord that connect the phone to the box, I pressed in his number. He picked up, sure enough, " Hello?" He said, his accent sounded obvious over the phone as well as in person.
" Hey Maverick. I got the book, come over so we can work on it," I said.
" Aren't you supposed to work on it yourself?"
" Please Maverick, I need help!"
" Fine, I'll be there in about a minute."
" Great!"
I hung up the phone. Then realized that he'd have to get past his grandfather who was still upset about looking his older brother Eustace years ago around 1950. I feel sorry for the poor man be he is in his seventies now, the railroad accident happened around sixty three years ago! But, this was who he looked up to when he was barely even ten. When the old man is in one of his grieving moods, he doesn't let Maverick go anywhere!
I heard a knock on the door and left the study, I ran up the creaky stairs, walked across the cold hardwood floor and swung open the old door opened, I was greeted by the late fall chill of December. In front of me was Maverick, in his green coat, and jeans. He blonde hair was even messier than usual! " I guess Grandpa Scrubb isn't in one of his moods," I smiled.
" No, he is, I snuck past him and escaped. Why couldn't my parents find a better legal guardian?" The orphaned boy groaned.
" In his defence, he is the last family member you have left, if you don't count you little brother Edmund." I let my friend in and slammed the wooden door behind him, " If I can ask, where did your parents get Edmund' s name from anyway?"
" After one of the Pevensies."
" Oh," I paused for a second while he took off his coat, " Lets get to the Study,"
We ran down the stairs, while laughing because I almost took a fall down the staircase instead, and finally got to the old study. I took out the old book on World War II and began to read it with Maverick.
Upstairs I heard the front door creak open, and thought, Holy! I forgot to lock the door! and began to panicking as soon as I heard glass breaking. The load footsteps found its way to the staircase that led to the cellar. I looked at Maverick in panic. We looked around the room. I began to tear at the small rug, I found something. I gestured Maverick closer and pointed quietly to the trap door under the ugly rug. I forced it open, it creaked while it opened and we quickly got in, Maverick forced me to do first and I wanted to argue, but the intruder heard the door open and the footsteps were getting louder and louder. I heard the trapdoor creak as it closed. Maverick whispered, " I pulled the rug over it."
I looked around the arena, it was larger than I expected, and a weird source of light was coming in, bug not through the cracks of the floor board. The trapdoor lead to a tunnel!
I ignored the fact, " I can fix this, I can call the cops, and hopefully the third won't get away! I can fix this..."
" Crystal, you say you can fix anything but always make it worse!"
" Maverick, you can at least give me a little help with this!"
" Crystal! We can't fix this! Whoever just broke into you house is looking for something!"
" Shut up Scrubb! Your not helping!"
I got more and more curious about the mysterious light that shown brightly at the end of the damp tunnel, it didn't seem very cold, almost like spring, warm, but not not warm enough to make me swelter in my tan shirt and black jeans, not enough to make beads of sweat on my light olive skin. " What's down there?" I asked, walking toward it.
I heard Maverick tentatively follow behind me. Our footsteps echoed in the long tunnel until we emerged into a sunny scene of trees and a bright sun. In England there is currently snow on the autumn trees due to the cold weather we have been getting! This so so weird! " Where are we?" I asked as I saw tree begin to move even though there was no breeze, I realized their trunks were also moving. I saw half human half animal creatures and short chubby people with beards that nearly touched the grassy ground. This place is like a wonderland! But, no one seemed happy, they all slowly walked around, like they just suffered a long day of working, " This is obviously not England,"
" I don't know where we are," Maverick replied.
I turned to the tunnel, but it was gone, " Scrubb, uh... Maverick," I tugged on his arm as a walked toward where the tunnel once was, now stood nothingness, not even a cave. I stepped forward, thinking maybe if I stepped into where it was it would appear, but nothing did, " It's... It's gone! How are we going to get out of here!"
I began to panic once more.

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