Stalked at 16

Nadia, an average 16 year old detects that she is being stalked by her neighbor Wilbur; a man in his 40's who has a strange fetish for teenage girls.

Chapter 1

New Neighbor

by: qwertz12
I was only 15 when a funny-looking man moved right next to my house. He had a ghostly complexion; his dark eyes were sunken as if he had been starved for months on end without food. His cheekbones were prominent against his decaying skin; his lips were thin and crusty. My mother always told me not to judge a book by it's cover, but this man was creepy, and I did my best to avoid him at all costs. Sometimes when I would go biking around the block, he would come out at wave at me with an eerie smile on his face. Due to this, I stopped biking at once. He also tried to talk to me whenever he could, like when I was walking to my bus stop or simply just walking around the neighborhood. He might be a molester or a pedophile, who knows? Just to be safe I told my mom about all of this, she just frowned at me. "You can't judge someone like that, Nadia." She said sternly, "Wilbur is just trying to be a friendly neighbor."
"Wait, so his name is Wilbur? How do you know?"
"He comes here every Monday morning after you go to school. He told me all about himself, he's quite a nice man once you get to know him."
"You let him into our house?! Why would you do that?" I feud.
My mother seems shocked, as if I just insulted her in some way. "I cannot believe how paranoid you are! Wilbur is simply just a man who wants to get to know us, that's all." I stare at her flatly, and then give up trying to convince her that Wilbur is a possibly a molester of some sort.

1 Year Later

As I walk to my bus stop, I'm not surprised to see Wilbur watching me from his front yard. "Good morning, Nadia!" He said.
I didn't say anything back. I made it clear to Wilbur that I don't like him at all, so why does he keep trying to talk to me? I wonder if he has some sort of sick crush on me, or if he secretly takes pictures of me while I'm not looking. Who knows what this guy is capable of, maybe he might even break into my house and try to r*pe me one night. Why doesn't he stalk women his own age, why does he have to bother an innocent 16 year old? I'm still not sure if I should report him to the cops, maybe I should get advice from my friends since my mom isn't helping at all. If I do report him, I need evidence to support my reasoning. I don't want to end up murdered by this guy, so I should report him before it's too late.
After a few minutes, my bus finally arrived. The door slowly opened in front of me and I quickly get in, sitting next to my best friend Melissa as usual.
"Wilbur is really getting on my nerves. Do you think I should report him to the cops?" I asked her.
"Well, you need evidence before you call the cops on him." She replied.
"I know, but how do I get evidence?"
Melissa hesitated for a second, "I'm not sure, but I know getting someone arrested is definitely not easy."
I sigh heavily, and then look out the window to see nothing but trees and people passing by. We pass a nice-looking neighborhood with large houses and plenty of colorful flowers to add charm to their yards, I take a moment to admire the nicest looking house on the block, which probably has like 8 rooms with an indoor swimming pool. I wonder who owns this house, probably a prosperous couple with too much money in their wallets. During the whole bus ride I was either talking to Melissa, or observing the houses we passed by. It definitely was a basic ride.
When we arrived at school there wasn't much take an interest in. There was absolutely no drama in my life, unlike other teenage girls. During lunch, I sat by what they call the "average" group. Melissa, Jane, Anne, Kelly and Mary. I guess I'm sort of a loner, because no one knows who I am when they hear my name. Mostly because I just came to this school last year, and because I'm quiet. I'm not pretty, nor am I good at sports, there's really nothing special about me. I spend lunch time without a single word, quietly listening to other people talk and laugh. The whole day passes by as usual, nothing interesting occurs.
When the school day is over, I walk back home instead of taking a bus. I'm considering to take a bus for my own safety, just in case Wilbur pops out of nowhere. Maybe he stalks me to school, or maybe my mother even told him where I go to school. I keep an eye out for him, ready to call for help if necessary. Suddenly my cell phone rings, "Hello, Mom?" I said.
"Nadia, I'm at the Clinic to pick up my meds. I'll be back in an hour, you hear me?
"Yeah, okay mom." I'm still not sure why my mother has to call me every single time she's not home.
When I arrive at my house I make sure to lock the windows and doors, hoping that Wilbur doesn't somehow creep inside. I unzip my backpack and start pulling my homework out, quickly zipping through the easy math questions as if I'm putting no effort in them. Now and then, I look out the window to see if anyone just happens to be there. Now that I'm being stalked, my everyday life revolves around being safe and making sure no one is watching you. I have to be on the lookout 24/7, always feeling uneasy and uncertain, Wilbur has basically ruined my self-assurance. Now, I did see Wilbur now and then, passing by my house and acting regular, in such a way that it doesn't seem like he's stalking an innocent 16 year old. He still has that creepy hue about himself, kind of like he's hiding a deep and dark secret. I glance at him constantly, waiting for my mom to come home. It seems like she has been gone for an eternity, what is she thinking? I can't believe she doesn't find anything disturbing about Wilbur, even his name sounds ominous. I wonder if he has any friends, probably not. Why would anyone want to be friends with a stalker? I do feel bad for him, he probably has never had girlfriend, or maybe he might have even been severely bullied as a child. There is definitely something wrong with him, it's possible he has been molested himself, or perhaps tormented. There has to be an explanation for his odd behavior. Does he even have a job? What if his real name isn't even Wilbur, what if he's faking his whole identity or something. Who knows who this guy really is, or where the Hell he came from, all I know is that he's out to get me (or at least I think he is.)
When my mother's red van appeared in front of our house, I sighed a breath of relief. I watch her emerge out of the car, but right before she can even enter the house Wilbur starts talking to her. Suddenly a sick thought occurs in my mind, what if my mom and that guy are hooking up? I'm sure they're not, the last time I checked he was into me, not my mom. However, there still is a chance he's going for my mother. If he is, I would make sure to break them up. When my mom finally stops talking to him, she cheerily enters the house humming a song.
I gawk at her, "Why do you talk to him?"
She just frowns at me, "he's a nice man, Nadia."
"No he isn't! Please, mom, I'm begging you to stop making contact with him."
"You're overreacting. There is nothing wrong with Wilbur, he's perfectly normal." My mother insists.
"He is not normal, trust me."
"Why do you hate him so much?" She said sternly.
"He's a stalker!"
"Wilbur is not a stalker, and I am not having this conversation with you." She huffs, and then leaves the room. While she heads upstairs,the doorbell rings.
"Can you get that for me, Nadia?"
"Sure, mom."
When I look out the window to see who it is, Wilbur's pasty face is looking at me with a grim expression.

To be continued


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