I'll Be There... I Promise     (A One Direction story)

I'll Be There... I Promise (A One Direction story)

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" the machine then beeped "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

We get back stage and I talk to the crew “Okay, so I’m Peyton and I’m going to be in charge for the sounding of the mics and instruments and basically anything that has to make a sound for this concert” I say. Everyone says hi and then they look at Cori, Cori smiles “Uh this is my daughter Cori” I say, the crew smile at her. A security guard walks in “the One Direction boys are here, are you ready for them?” he asks, the crew look at me “yes we are “ I say, the security guard walks out and a few minutes later Louis and Zayn walks in “Hi Louis and Zayn I’m Peyton, I’m in charge of sound check” I say holding my hand out, Louis shakes my hand, and then Zayn. Louis looks over at Cori “That’s my daughter, you can talk to her” I say, they both walk over and talk to her “how old is she?” Louis asks “she’s three” I say, Louis eyes widen “she’s very smart” Zayn says, I nod “yeah she likes to talk, like her dad” I say. Louis looks at Cori “and what does your dad do?” he asks, “he sings” Cori says “what’s your dads name?” Louis asks, Cori shrugs. Louis and Zayn look at me “Uh hi I’m Liam” I turn around to see Liam, wearing a singlet and jeans “wow” I mumble shocked “I’m sorry?” he asks “uh nothing, I’m Peyton” I say holding out my hand “Peyton, where have I heard that name before?” Liam asks shaking my hand, I shrug and I introduce him to Cori.

15 minutes later Niall walks in, he looks at me and his eyes widen, I smile “Hey Niall, I’m head of sound check” I say “no way, Peyton” Niall says running over and hugging me. He lets go “you look different” he says looking me up and down “well the last time you saw me I was sixteen and so it’s been four years” I say, Niall nods “she’s also had a kid, she’s three” Louis says, Niall looks at me confused then he walks over to Cori “hi I’m Cori” she says, Niall smiles “hi I’m Niall” he says, Cori smiles and Niall looks at me “who’s the dad? Anyone I know?” he asks suspiciously. I go to speak when Harry runs in “that crowd is going to be loud” he says “Hi I’m Peyton, I’m in charge of sound check” I say looking at Harry, he walks over and shakes my hand “I’m Harry, nice to meet you” he says, I nod and look over and see Niall is still staring at me “hey Peyton, when’s Cori’s birthday?” Liam asks “30th of August” I say “Oh so close to mine!” he says, I laugh and get the guys out on the stage for their sound check.

While they’re practicing Niall keeps getting distracted “Niall what’s wrong?” Zayn asks “Peyton can I talk to you?” Niall asks through the mic, I stand up from the front row and nod. Niall pulls me towards the back of the stadium “Okay, remember that night of that party a few days before I left Ireland?” he asks, I nod slowly “were you lying when I asked if we had done anything?” he asks a little worried, I nod slowly “so who’s Cori’s father?” he asks getting more worried “you” I whisper looking down, he sighs “I knew it” he mumbles, I look up “What? How?” I ask. Niall looks at me as if it was obvious “well she does have blue eyes, my smile and my laugh” he says snickering at the end of his sentence, I look at him “that’s why I love her laugh it reminds me of you, but I also hate it because it makes me feel guilty for not telling you about her” I say with tears in my eyes. Niall hugs me and a few tears roll down my face. I wipe the tears away before Niall sees “Okay you better get up there and start rehearsing” I say

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