I'll Be There... I Promise     (A One Direction story)

I'll Be There... I Promise (A One Direction story)

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" the machine then beeped "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

A few hours we arrive in London, we get in a taxi and the taxi driver takes us to our new apartment.
I thank the taxi driver and give him the money and Cori and I walk up to the apartment. We walk in, I look around at what I could see of the apartment, wooden board floors, a small kitchen “where’s my room?” Cori asks as she looks up at me, I look around at the three bedrooms “I’m going to let you choose your own room” I say, she smiles widely and lets go of my hand to go choose a room. I look around at the boxes that had already been dropped off by the moving people “Mummy!” I hear Cori scream, I run to the room I heard her scream from, “this one, this one!” she says jumping up and down, I laugh “this is my room, see it has a bathroom and I big bed, so it’s mine” I say. Cori crosses her arms and frowns “I want it” she says stubbornly, wow she acts like me at times. We stare at each other as I try to think of something to get her to change rooms “Okay, what if I promise to bring you to every concert I do sound checks at” I say, she looks at me “do you pinkie promise?” she asks holding out her pinkie, I lock pinkies with her “I pinkie promise” I say, she smiles and runs off to choose another room “smart kid” I mumble.

I start to unpack our stuff “Mummy!” Cori yells, I walk out to her “I choose this room” she says standing in a medium sized room with a window over viewing the busy London traffic, I nod and she smiles “quick, let’s get my teddies” she says rushing out of her new room. I follow her and she starts going through the boxes and throwing things on the floor “Okay! Okay, I’ll help don’t throw things” I say. I find the box that says ‘Cori’, I look at Cori “Cori come here” I say, she walks over “what does this say?” I ask pointing at her name “Cor” she says sounding out her name “Cori” I say slowly while pointing at her name “Cori” she says, I nod smiling “Okay now push it into your room” I say. Cori struggles to push her box into her room, so I walk over and help her. Once Cori has her stuff in her room I go around with boxes and start unpacking.

At around 10pm after we’ve unpacked Cori and I fall asleep in our beds.
I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing, I get up and look for it “Where is it” I say running around trying to find it. I run past the kitchen and see it on the bench, I pick it up “hello, hello?” I ask “Hi this is Bruce Tate from the Wembley Stadium sound check crew, is this Peyton Hawke?” Bruce says “Yes it is” I say “Hi, I’m just ringing to remind you that you start at 3:30pm today” he says “Uh yes, I remember, I will see you then” I say before hanging up. I look up at the time “10 am okay” I mumble, I walk into Cori’s room and see she’s playing with her toys “hi mummy” she says, I smile “hi bubba, let’s get dressed and go have lunch before I have to go to work” I say. I dress Cori in black leggings and a long sleeved shirt that says ‘Irish made’ and boots, and I get dressed in black skinny jeans, a grey jumper with micky mouse on it and boots.

We go to lunch and walk around London until its close for me to start work. Cori skips while holding my hand as we walk to the stadium “Mummy what’s playing?” she asks “do you mean at the concert?” I ask, she nods “I don’t know, I haven’t asked” I say. We arrive at the stadium, I walk in and show my pass “Peyton!” someone yells, I look up to see a guy wearing a fluro yellow vest. I walk over to him with Cori “I’m Bruce” he says “Oh hi, I hope you don’t mind but I brought my daughter, she loves seeing concerts and meeting new people” I say, Bruce smiles at Cori and she smiles back “hi” she says, Bruce looks surprised “Hi, how are you?” he asks her sweetly “good” she replies. Bruce looks at me “how old is she?” he asks “I’m three” Cori says holding three fingers up, Bruce looks at me again “she seems intelligent for a three year old” he says, I nod “yeah, I’m teaching her how to read at the moment, that reminds me, who’s playing tonight?” I ask “One Direction” Bruce says, I stare at him “I’m sorry who?” I ask “One Direction, you have heard of them haven’t you?” he asks, I nod “Yeah of course I have” I say, Bruce nods “alright, I guess I should show you around” he says, I nod and he starts to show me around the stadium.

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