I'll Be There... I Promise     (A One Direction story)

I'll Be There... I Promise (A One Direction story)

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" the machine then beeped "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up

Chapter 19

Chapter Twenty-One

I turn the TV on and sit down and eat the sandwich “One Direction look like they’ve been having fun in America. They were seen shopping and having something to eat before their concert last night” the reporter says, I roll my eyes and turn the TV off. I look around the room and see my necklace in the corner; I walk over and pick it up. I sigh as I open the locket, I look at the picture of Niall and Cori, I then shove the necklace in my pocket.
By 2pm Bruce comes in with a bag “here’s some things I thought you and Cori could do to waste time” he says handing me the bag, I smile and before I can speak he says “Lora’s funeral is today and only her close friends and family are going, we weren’t invited” he says, I nod “understandable” I say “anyway, I have to get back to work” he says, I nod and he hugs me and leaves.
I look through the bag and find a set of animal cards “what’s that” Cori mumbles, I look over to her and sit on the end of her bed “they’re animal cards, do you want to play snap?” I ask her, she nods sitting up and we play snap.
“Snap!” Cori says hitting the deck of cards as we play our fourth round of snap, I laugh at her “you win again” I say smiling. Cori smiles and starts to giggle, but then her giggle turns into heavy breathing “Cor, are you okay?” I ask. Her eyes roll back so I could only see the white of her eyes “Cor!” I say getting worried, she falls back on her bed and her body starts shaking “Cori!” I say trying to hold her body down “Nurse! Nurse!” I scream, the nurse comes running in and she presses the emergency button next to Cori’s bed. The doctor and other nurses come running in “we’re going to have to ask you to leave the room” a nurse says taking me out of the room and shutting the door behind me.
I face the door and walk backwards with tears running down my face. The nurse closes the blinds so I can’t see what’s going on. My back hits the wall and I slide down it. I burst into tears and cover my face with my hands.
45 minutes later doctor comes out, closing the door behind him “Miss Hawke” he says walking over to me, I stand up and wipe away my tears “I’m afraid Cori went into cardiac arrest and we were not able to save her” he says with an apologetic look on his face. I stare at him not wanting to believe what I just heard “no she can’t, try again! She will wake up!” I say, the doctor shakes his head “I’m afraid she won’t” he says, I drop to the floor and burst into tears.

After I had finished most of my crying I walk into Cori’s room to say my goodbyes. I stared at her lifeless body “you can’t be gone” I mumble holding her hand. Her hand is cold and I have the urge to cover her in blankets to keep her warm. I stay in the room for an hour just saying good bye to her. I walk out of the room with tears falling down my face and doctors walk in to take her away.
I get our my phone
Now I’m upset and pissed.
I dial Niall’s number and it goes straight to voice mail… Again “it’s Peyton again, while you’re not answering your phone, I’m here in London planning our daughters funeral” I say before hanging up.
Not the best way to tell him our daughters died but what can I do since he’s not answering his phone?

The End!

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