Grey World

I hope you enjoy :)
If anyone is interested in the story, just message me and I would be more then happy to open it up to become a partner story
Original story ~ Just a story start (Keep in mind)

Chapter 1


We are a divided nation, torn apart at the seams into two diverse sides in which we are denied the liberty to co-exist amongst each other. The cleansed side is one in for all who wish to prosper under the kings protection, as if he were God himself. This saintly man is the sum of humanity and all the qualities that we lust to reside within our own beings; in his kingdom there is no disease that could engulf a villager before taking their ghastly lives nor is there war. We were spared from the raging violence that envelopes the grey side filled with an overbearing aura of malice and abhorrence.

The pesticides that subside on the other side were once thriving under the king’s rule with glory embedding their faces for a genuine love for our righteous king. Yet that inescapable cloud of hatred blanketed over their souls as they committed the most absolute sins that are not permitted on such a purified side.

A cluster of banished men who believed justice and equality weren’t in their favor, rebelled against the king until one night he was stripped away from his kingdom and from his devoted followers. Taking the ounce of munificence that remained in all of us along with him in his motionless slumber. Malevolence seeped into our lives, robbing us for our happiness as a sea of plagues washed into the towns. It wasn’t until these seas seceded that we realized what was initially taken. Like daggers that pierced into the night, the blood of our king spilled and years of foundation built around our nation crumbled before we were given the chance to fight.

As vehemence raged on our altruism land, grey began percolating into the surroundings once filled with vibrant colors that seemed to spring to life while seizing the magnanimity in the air. Color drained away hastily as cruelty masked over our home; stretching its convoluted, black inked arms into anything that was in its reach. We became one and the same with the diseased as the ticking clock of death seized a young child until one morning his eyes didn’t flutter open while sunlight grazed them. We were vulnerable, aspects of mortality haunted us by the very concept to be taken away by lingering diseases or murdered on your way to work while a buoyant mother and child wait for their father/husband; who will never return home again.

It would be an abrasion to our king if we were all to convert into a life of melancholy and vengeance that consumed those who lived within the grey world. Even light was frighten to shine down on those who blissfully awaited a newfound warmth to overcome the prolonged chill. Darkness has dominated us of our light and color; leaving the panicky villagers with a single, blooming flower that is still enriched in its hues in contrasting ways.

The flower spouted from the ground with pulsating tones; neither native to the area nor seen by either opposing sides. In which it was a true diamond in the rough, shimmering past its murky surroundings with a blinding realization that even in death; the kings sincere admirers will be protected from their staunch affections towards the very man who created hopefulness and golly in their lives.

Our story begins here

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