5SOS & 1D Concert

Okay just went to my first concert it was sadly a One Direction Concert but 5 Second Of Summer were there too :D

Chapter 1

My first concert

Okay I went to my first concert yesterday with my best friend Tahlia (Bubble_Loves-Blue)
Anyway it was a One Direction concert yes I know I hate One Direction but we got the tickets when we were in primary school thinking we would still like them.
Well we don't like them any more so we almost didn't go but then we thought it would be a waste of money.
So we went and it was awesome well the 5SOS part the had instruments and were really rocking out and Micheal had pink hair :D

5SOS were amazing very talented and very hot :D
But 1D kinda just wondered around the stage and they didnt really know what was going on :P
And Harry fell over and Niall twerked so I guess it was kinda funny XD
So yeah it was very good for my first concert :D
Anyway so yeah and to people who have bothered to read this I suggest that you go to a 5SOS concert :P KTHXBYE


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