Chapter 1

Chapter 1; the beginning of all stories... (unless they have a prologue or an introduction...)

Anybody want to do a group story?

Here's the idea: There's an interspace war going on between one group of planets and another group of planets. The war mostly goes on between the planets in our solar system. It's many years in the future, and the Earth is apart of the war too. The war is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and part of Jupiter against the other part of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The planets closest to the sun is the west side, and the other side is the east side. Pluto is neutral, and is kind of like Canada in this situation. Very peaceful. The east side has wanted to take over the whole solar system for a little less than one hundred years. The west side wants all planets to be independent, and not be taken over by one planet or one person.

Each planet has a representative who leads the planet in war. The writers will be all 9 of the representatives (Jupiter has two representatives. Pluto will not have a character.) Venus is taken by my character.

Here's the character form:

Age: (22-38)
Point of View on the War:
Family Background:
Love Interest: (Can be found out later)

Here's my character info:

Name: Emelia Venera
Planet: Venus
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Personality: Emilia's very distant and cold, but is extremely caring to the people she knows well. She likes to have control and when she gives people assignments, she'll keep an eye on them and make sure they don't mess up. She doesn't have much trust in others. She doesn't talk to people much and is very humble. She's extremely sincere and only says things if she really believes them. Emilia's a little disordered and doesn't have a real system of doing things. She's persistent and doesn't give up until she gets what she wants.
Appearance: Emilia has straight, black hair that goes up to her shoulders. Her part is on the right side of her head and has side bangs on only the left side of her head. She's Korean and has caramel brown eyes. She's very short and petite, but her legs are long. She's delicate, but is very strong. Her eyebrows are arched. Her skin is pale with an olive undertone.
Point of View on the War: Emilia wants the war to end and thinks it is bad, but is willing to fight back as hard as she can. Venus is one of the more aggressive planets on the west side.
Weapon(s)/Skill(s): Emilia uses a purple beamed laser that makes skin burn and scorches people. She's very good at hand-to-hand combat and is a fast runner.
Family Background: Emilia's father was head commander of the war council and her mother was a tactical specialist in the Venus Command. Emilia has a large family. She has four brothers and one sister. The boys are all older than her, but her sister is 18. Her oldest brother is a doctor, specializing in trauma. Her second oldest brother is an interior designer, and her parents were not happy with him for a while. Her third oldest brother is an inventor of specialized weapons, but makes a lot of mistakes. The brother that's only a year older than her is still in school. He wants to become an intergalactic lawyer. Her sister dropped out of high school and became a painter, and was kicked out of her home because of her unsuccessful goal. Emilia still keeps in touch with her and helps her out, though.
Love Interest: TBD

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