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Welcome to the 13th Annual Hunger Games!
I’m your hostess with the most-ness, Sugar!
Now, lets’ scroll down to see the contestants!
And may the odds be ever in your favour!

Please don't freak out at the rules, they're simple! ^w^"
1: Rule 2: Character Sheets 3-14: Characters (Work needed, please read)

Chapter 3

Districts 1 (Complete)

by: Cozy_Glow
Alexis117s’ Character:

Name: Estella Dreygon
Gender: Female
Age: 17
District: 1
Personality: loner, observer, hot-headed, cautious, intelligent, decisive, stubborn, reserved, insecure. She doesn't really show much emotions and likes to keep to herself, when you get to know her, she, of course, is more open, she gets angry easily and by the littlest of things, she likes to get what she wants
Looks: heart-shaped face, with very innocent looking facial features such as big eyes, pouted lips, and a big nose. She hates her innocent appearance though, it makes people think she’s a child, she's pretty tall, she has brown hair that is waved at the ends, a strip of her hair is dyed crimson red, has a scar slashed on her forehead, strong yet delicate body since she works out a lot, she has gray eyes.
Everyday: skater skirts of a variety of colors, tights underneath, a blouse of any color, combat boots with a small wedge
Reaping: a mauve purple dress that is long in the back, short in the frontcouple of gold bracelets, her hair is in a bridal bun.
Ceremony: gold, lingerie looking outfit, a skirt starting at her sides and going around, diamonds of multiple colors go up in an ombre like pattern, her eye makeup is gold shimmer with long lashes and red lips, multiple diamond bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces, her hair is curled with gold speck in it
The Games: black jacket, with a mauve jumpsuit with the sides cut off, black combat boots
Skills/Weapons: is good all round she's good a fist fighting but would much rather fight with throwing daggers, also good with guns, she knows a lot about nature
Ally/Allies: TBD
Enemy/Enemies: TBD, her hot-headed-ness might give her some enemies
Love Interest (opt.): love is always last on her list but if she finds someone she really loves, she'll probably make an exception
Background: She comes from a family of strong people. Her mother wasn't fit to have children but when she had her both Estella and her got really sick.
Estella always had lots of health problems but they slowly went away as she got older. Her father was definitely her role model since he was in the military. He always used to train her but he was killed when she was 14 years old. Her mother was devastated and always had a hard time taking care of their family. Both her parents came from a rich family which gave their family lots of money. Since Estella is an only child, she is very spoiled and her mother is overprotective over her.


Alexis117s’ Minor:

Name: Gaius Ransom
Gender: M
Age: 14
District: 1
Personality: Very suave, thinks he's 20, goofball, charming, naive, gullible, courageous, outgoing, devious
Looks: looks older, 'sculpted' face, dimples, normal sized eyes, usually always smiling, pointed, narrow nose, not as tall, slim body, auburn hair, k-pop styled w/ bangs, hazel eyes
Everyday: Any random t-shirt or flannel, jeans and sneakers
Reaping: white button up, black pants, fancy shoes, gold chain, and gold ring.
Ceremony: unbuttoned white button up, gold vest covered in diamonds, black pants, gold shoes, lots of jewelery that's all covered in diamonds.
The Games: black jacket, t-shirt, black pants, black shoes
Skills/Weapons: good at finding his way to places, good with swords and maces
Ally/Allies: TBD
Enemy/Enemies: TBD
Love Interest: TBD
Background: 4 other siblings (3 girls 1 boy). He comes from a very rich and famous family. His family owns a popular company and it's passed down through his family.
His oldest sister is next to be in charge but she is a rebel and is in jail now so the company is going to be past down to him. His mother is a druggie and is always using their money for drugs but no one knows except Gaius but he's too scared to tell anyone since his mother can get violent. Gaius has lots of friends because he is so friendly and outgoing and usually schmoozes his way through life.

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