(Eradolph, bluemango & doublerainbowe, please comment minor characters! (13th Annual Hunger Games)

Welcome to the 13th Annual Hunger Games!
I’m your hostess with the most-ness, Sugar!
Now, lets’ scroll down to see the contestants!
And may the odds be ever in your favour!

Please don't freak out at the rules, they're simple! ^w^"
1: Rule 2: Character Sheets 3-14: Characters (Work needed, please read)

Chapter 14

District 12 (Complete)

by: Cozy_Glow
Glass_Mirrors’ Character:

Name- Nala Banks


District- 12
Gender- Female

Personality- a hopeful, optimistic girl who fights for what her family views as right, she loves her family and that is her life, hardworking, determined, never gives up

looks- layered think light brown hair, pale skin and freckles, a pointy chin and strong features, super tall,

Everyday clothes- a tunic , and leggings, and sneakers

Reaping- a nice blue dress and sandals

Ceremony- a black dress with sparkling rhinestone along the deep V-neck cut and hems, along with some wacky miner headgear crown thing and black stilettos

Games- simply a brown camo body suit

Allies and Enemies- hates district one, allies with the girl from seven (Iriina)

Weapons- her fists, can run super-fast, mother taught her the ballet basics, cannot feed herself

Background- has four little sisters and a brother, parents work all day in the mines, she teaches them school herself, and spends nights rooting around trash cans for food



Name- Dubbly Joe

Distric- 12
Gender- Male

Personality- an innocent little boy who doesn't know what's right and what's wrong, very shy, timid, helpless


Looks- big hazel eyes, long light brown hair, slight freckles, still has the 'little kid' nose
Small for his age and quite skinny, very tan

Everyday- A pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt that is a crew neck

Reaping- a nice pair of black dress pants and the same blue shirt

Ceremony- black boots with metal spikes as well as a collar like that, black pants with a metal spiky belt, and a miner's cap, and black shirt with black metal spikes on the hemming

Games- cargo shorts and a blue t-shirt with a small black coat, and tennis shoes

Allies- the boy from eleven? Is that okay? Darsha's character seems fitting to protect little Dubbly

Weapons- none, is small and an hide very well and keeps his mouth shut

Background- mom has slight autism so his dad shelters the two of them, he has never watched the hunger games, though he learned about them in school, most of his childhood centers around time spent with his kindly mother who loves him to death

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