(Eradolph, bluemango & doublerainbowe, please comment minor characters! (13th Annual Hunger Games)

Welcome to the 13th Annual Hunger Games!
I’m your hostess with the most-ness, Sugar!
Now, lets’ scroll down to see the contestants!
And may the odds be ever in your favour!

Please don't freak out at the rules, they're simple! ^w^"
1: Rule 2: Character Sheets 3-14: Characters (Work needed, please read)

Chapter 1


by: Cozy_Glow
Sorry there’s so many rules, guys, it’s just going be a big challenge to have 12 writers! : )

The Story:
❑Your first chapter will be you explaining your life in the District, the Reaping & you getting on the train to the Capitol.
❑You can only die after your first chapter within the Games.

The Games:
❑This is the 13th Hunger Games, so no talk of Katniss, volunteers, ‘Fire dresses’, or a new Rebellion (however, if your character is 18, they’d have been alive for the first rebellion against the Capitol).

❑Please design two characters (1 major, 1 minor) within the ages of 12-18.
❑Dress simple for the Reaping (No fancy dresses, leather jackets, high heels, etc.), all the fancy comes later (minus ‘fire dresses’)~
❑When you jump on the train, you can create your Cenna (stylist), your Effie (presenter) & your Haymitch (Coach) to aid your character until the Games.
❑You can fall in love with allies & your minor if you feel like it, but they are going to die.
❑You cannot kill another main character (or minor if they survive the first 3 hours) without the creators consent. It’s okay to say ‘No’ & ‘Yes’.

Please keep to the District codes, eg. Dress according to District supply.
✔ 1 is Luxury, jewellery – Alexis117
❑ 2 is Military (make & train), stone cutting Needs minor! - bluemango
✔ 3 is Electronics - books
✔ 4 is Fishing - holdtheline
✔ 5 is Electrical power - Cool2Twins
❑6 is Transportation Needs minor! - Eradolph
✔ 7 is Lumber, trees - SugarKart
✔ 8 is Textiles (making clothes) – evybye77
✔ 9 is Grain – tammy1360
❑10 is Livestock Minor needed! - doublerainbowe
✔ 11 is Agriculture
✔12 is Coal, mining – Glass_Mirror

Winner? Losers?
❑When all (major) characters are created, I will place them into a hat & pick out the Victor.
❑Once you die, you can’t write anymore (unless your minor is alive still).
❑Numbers from 1 to 12 will be picked to see how many minor characters will die within the first 3 hours of the game.
❑You can die by any means (within the Games) as you like, have any ally you wish (1-4 allies max.) & have any enemy you like (as many as you want!).
❑You character (major) cannot die within your first chapter or the first 3 hours of the Games.
❑If you like, we can discuss in the comments who will be Victor & volunteer to die (I volunteer to die).

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