Lady Gwillyn's Academy of Elemental Magic: Paradise or Hell?

Lady Gwillyn's Academy of Elemental Magic: Paradise or Hell?

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Corrym Leila O'Linn isn't your average fourteen-your-old girl. In fact, she's not just a girl. For as long as she can remember, she has battled a strange feeling that something is different, or maybe even wrong; Corrym is a Lost One, a Hidden One, better known as an Elemental. What kind, exactly (fire, earth, water, air, darkness, arcane, light, or time-space), no one's sure. But one thing's for certain: Corrym isn't just Unspecified-- she's dangerous!

Chapter 1


by: K___
Aqua, miserere nobis
sapientia et prudentia tua gratia,
nos tua semper sibilus
et ingenti potentia ad mutationem...

Eight ancient elements. Four opposing pairs. Two deadly enemies and doomed lovers.

Ignis, miserere nobis
acribus ardor tui,
terribilis est in fortitudine tua,
et novum facultatem aperire
quæ ad vitam et profectum.

One being of improbable existence and unthinkable power.
A legacy of thousands upon thousands of forever-lost years.
And at long last, the ultimate betrayal weighed against the ultimate loyalty...
An irreversible chain of events has been set in motion -- what will it take to shatter this cycle of deception, oppression, and insidious mistrust?


(Note to anyone who knows Latin: If I have made mistakes in the Latin translations above, please correct me in the comments! See the second half of Chapter 39 for the English translations. )

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