Quibblo organizers (Need more members)

Chapter 1

Quibblo organizers

by: angel52
First of all sorry if you got more than one invitation, but it looked like invitations were not sending or a server problem so I sent them more than once. anyways..

I feel like Quibblo have became something like an empty desert, boring, nothing new, and due to this, many people left or became inactive. I'm concerned about this.

at my college, there is something called clubs where a team of students collaborate to create events and things like that.

so why not create an organizers team here?

The team can collaborate to make awesome things that can bring life back to Quibblo, by organizing creative ideas (Ideas example: Qmagazine, Quibblo crushes, a social website for us, a game, etc), creative ideas don't stop!

we want to work together to break the boredom on Quibblo :)

The team will be called Qorganizers :)

Available slots:

Programmers (those who program websites or apps)

Graphic/video designers

Advertisers/Sharers (those who will spread the develop ideas so that all Quibblo will know about it)

Documents team (those who will work on programs like Microsoft word)

Researchers(those who will research about the ideas brought to the team,
to know more about it and how it can be done, etc)

If you want to enter the team comment your username, and write which category you want to be in out of the above
(other than the manager).

I hope we become a successful team :)

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