The Great War

This is a little bit of a symbolic story of my life. The story ends at the point I was at in my life when I begun writing this story

Chapter 1

The Story of the First Ones

The first ones were a race of beings unlike any we humans could have ever comprehended before the Great War of our Age. Mighty and wise they were, beyond the abilities of Men or any other race in the galaxy. They had long ago split into two factions. The Guides of Order, and the Catalysts of Chaos (often refered to as Lords of Order or Chaos Lords). Always these two were at war, for they conflicted in reason and were always in the way of each other. The Chaos Lords believed that through Chaos and War were other races made better, that through these things they were forced to progress or be eliminated. The Lords of Order believed that the rules of the universe were a way to make people safe from harm. Always the two conflicted. And any who got in the way of the two superpowers were destroyed.

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