Story Contest

Kinda backish

Chapter 1

Story Contest

by: Cam12
So lately I've been bored so I've been coming back onto this site so what is new, and I've noticed that there has not been any story contests held anymore. So seeing that I actually liked those things I thought to myself, "Hey why not do another?" So here I am.

For most story contest I hold, I usually have a topic to write off of, however I am currently feeling lazy so I've decided that I am going to have this a open topic. You can write about anything your heat desires, as long as it is original. Do not go off of someone else's movie/novel/show etc..

I'll grade the stories myself. I'll look at the grammar, writing style, originality and I'll take into account the star ratings at the top.

If you are interested in the story contest, please let me know in the comments. I will determine a due date later, once I see how many people are interested in participating.



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