White Lotus (An Original Story)

A few years in the future, a lotus tattoo is achieved at birth that will affect your personality and future. There was the Laborare (white), the Inficio (pink), the Vitale (red), and the Pietas (blue). Everything was in peace until a nuclear explosion destroyed most of America. The Inficio needed a scapegoat so they pinned the blame on Laborare and a massacre occured killing thousands of Laborare and leaving the rest to hide and search for shelter.
Many thanks to Emily (A_Small_Drop)!

Chapter 3

Leonardo Vincent

"That poor dear," Leo's mom murmured as she looked at Sage who was cupping James's cheek, tears still pouring down her face.

"Alright people, let’s get the bodies out of here and get everyone from the trapdoors," A shaky yet commanding voice pierced the silence and Leo knew that voice was their other co-leader Michael.

Michael appeared from the second line and stood in front of everyone. It seemed that he was still getting over Katherine's death as he kept glancing over to her body and the pain and regret in his eyes is enough for everyone not to question his leadership over this tragedy.

"We lost some good people today," Michael stated, "we'll bury the bodies once we have everyone out, but for now please bring the bodies to the dining hall."

Two men walked over to Katherine's corpse but Sofie shook her head at them as her and Heather picked up Katherine's thin body and did it themselves.

Michael and Shane, a traveler, picked up Ellie's body and took her to the dining hall.

"I-I can take my husband," Sage stammered as she stood up and tried to pick her husband up but she was so frail compared to him and almost fell under his weight.

Leo walked over to Sage and even though she glared at him, he picked up James body.

"You take the other arm," he told Sage and she did so while holding her dead baby in her arms.

"Thanks," Sage murmured, her voice cracking, as they walked into the dining hall and they set him down on one of the tables.

"I'll leave you here," Leo placed a hand on her back before leaving the woman alone to grieve for all that she lost.

Leo walked out to the camp as people walked around and checked on their family members and told those who were in hiding what had happened.

Leo looked around and he found his mother and his little sister, Alison, discussing quietly in front of their tent.

"Hey Mom, you doing okay Alison?" Leo glanced at his sister who was sniffling and brushing her fingers to her light grey eyes occasionally.

"Y-yeah, just a bit shaken that’s all," Alison explained with a smile as her yellow tank top would occasionally show her white tattoo.

"How about we go inside?" Leo offered and they all entered inside where other families were silently discussing or just hugging the life out of each other.

"Were you able to get any designs?" Leo asked and Alison’s face lit up as she pulled out a pendant out of her pocket.

"I finished it while I was underground with the others, I was going to give it to your birthday, but I'll probably forget," Alison smiled as she handed it to Leo.

It was a small tree with light green leaves and a black outline of the trunk and branches, it seemed that it took Alison at least two weeks just to sew the leaves on the way it was sewn.

"I used my old dress for the colors and the leather cord I borrowed from Mr. James,” Alison explained as Leo brushed his fingers before he smiled at her.

"I love it. Will you put it on me?" Leo asked and Alison smiled as Leo handed the pendant back to her.

Alison's wrapped the leather cord around Leo’s neck and then tied it together.

"You better not take it off ever," Alison warned him as she crawled around to face him.

"Or what?" Leo teased.

"I'll beat you up," Alison grinned as she punched him in the arm.

"We still need him for work, Allie. Don't beat him up just yet," Their mom piped in and Leo stuck his tongue out at Alison.

They discussed quietly amongst themselves about different things before Allie gave a silent yawn and slowly fell asleep on her mother’s shoulder.

"You go outside and tell me whenever the funeral is about to happen okay?" Leo’s mother smiled as she stroked her fingers through Alison’s light blonde hair.

"Okay," Leo nodded as he stood up from the bed and walked out of the tent.

Leo instinctively covered his eyes with his hand as the sun continued to beat relentlessly down the camp and he quickly blinked before putting his hand down again.

"Leo!" Leo turned to see Sofie and Kana waving at him and he walked over towards them.

"Are you okay?" Leo asked Kana and she nodded.

"Yeah, my mom nearly killed me with her hugging and fretting though," Kana commented and Sofie laughed.

Leo noticed that Kana seemed a little strange and nervous but didn't comment as Sofie began to talk.

"Well, at least the soldiers didn't find you," Sofie sighed as Kana shook her head.

"No," Kana told us, "the soldier found us, I thought he was going to turn us in."

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