White Lotus (An Original Story)

A few years in the future, a lotus tattoo is achieved at birth that will affect your personality and future. There was the Laborare (white), the Inficio (pink), the Vitale (red), and the Pietas (blue). Everything was in peace until a nuclear explosion destroyed most of America. The Inficio needed a scapegoat so they pinned the blame on Laborare and a massacre occured killing thousands of Laborare and leaving the rest to hide and search for shelter.
Many thanks to Emily (A_Small_Drop)!

Chapter 2

Sofie Duvall

Shia surprise! Bet you didn't think I'd post a second chapter this soon huh?

Sofie shut the trapdoor as she heard loud foot stomps coming closer and sprinted to her bed and quickly sat on it and pulled out her book from under her pillow and tried to read past the first sentence as two soldiers entered her tent.

"You there, come out here with the others. Is anyone else in here with you?" A woman with dark brown hair pulled into a ponytail and harsh dark brown eyes glanced at Sofie.

"No, it's just me," Sofie stood up and placed the book under her pillow.

"Sure it is, go look around," The soldier ordered a man that seemed a few years older than Sofie with short blonde hair and blue eyes that didn’t seem harsh walked past her to inspect.

"You come with me," The woman ordered Sofie and led her out of the tent where everyone was positioned into two lines.

"I found another one reading in the tent," The woman soldier walked up to a muscular man with salt and pepper hair who was pacing in front of the line in front.

"Are you going to pace all day or are you going to shoot us?" Sofie's eyes widened as she turned and glanced to see Katherine with her arms crossed.

She had a black jacket on over her white tank top and she stood tall as the leader walked up to her and smacked her in the jaw with his rifle, sending her to the ground and Heather, a nurse, got on her knees to help her up and mend her.

"Shut up, bítch," He growled at her before he turned towards us and Sofie took a subconscious step back.

"Take her next to the one who can't shut her mouth," He ordered and Sofie walked myself over to Katherine and helped her up.

"What the hell are you doing out here?" Sofie hissed as she stood next to Katherine.

"Not enough space in the tent I went into so I decided to go out with a bang," Katherine smirked.

"Oh my God," Sofie whispered, a tear springing in her eyes knowing that this was Katherine’s final moments.

"Don't worry kid, I think this place will run fine without me, it just won't be as fun," Katherine smiled at Sofie as the other soldier from Sofie’s tent came back out.

"No one else was inside sir," He saluted and Sofie let a little breath out to herself.

"Alright, guess it's time to see which of you are filthy Laborare," The man smirked as he strolled to the other side and Sofie felt Katherine squeeze her hand, either to reassure Sofie or herself, Sofie wasn’t sure.

"Vitale, Pietas, Vitale, an Inficio that’s a shame you're with these people, Pietas, Inficio, Pietas, Pietas, and bingo here's a Laborare!" The man pulled out an Ellie, the elderly woman who was in front of Sofie in the breakfast line, who was clawing and she felt Katherine stiffen.

"Go rot in Hell!" Ellie hissed.

"You first," The man snarled as he entered a hole in the woman’s head and she dropped to the ground.

Everyone gasped as the man kicked Ellie’s corpse before moving on.

"You disgusting piece of swine! How dare you hurt somebody who can't defend themselves. You call yourself protectors yet you are big, pathetic, cowardly bullies!" Katherine screamed and Sofie and Heather had to hold her back so she wouldn’t kill someone as the two soldiers pointed their guns at Katherine.

"Ah, what's your sign, mouthy bítch?" The man strolled past the three people in between Ellie’s corpse and us and looked at her with a smile on his face.

"Alright," Katherine stood up even though she was slightly shaking and looked him dead in the eyes as she held her jacket so you could see her white lotus.

"Boo," Katherine smirked as a bullet entered in between her eyes and she collapsed to the ground.

"Should've known that bítch was one of them," the man remarked as Sofie dropped to the ground and tears started pouring down her face.

"Her name was Katherine, you monster," Heather snarled as Sofie couldn't stop looking at Katherine's blank eyes that used to be full of kindness and mischief.

"Tch, shame you’re a Vitale," He mumbled under his breath, "get up brat."

"I said get up!" The man yanked Sofie up and looked at her tattoo.

"Pietas, tch," The man let Sofie go but this she stood and tried not to glance at Katherine’s body.

He walked back around to the other three and check them (Pietas and two Vitale) before continuing down the line.

"My baby's a Pietas and I'm a Vitale," She heard Sage’s voice and Sofie turned to see her clutching her baby away from the man.

"I'll be the judge of that, give me your baby," The man ordered and Sage shook her head.

"I'm not letting you touch my child, he's not even a day old!" Sage cried out.

"Listen, I don't give a damn how old your baby is, give him to me," The man hissed.

"Please," Sage whispered, her voice cracking.

The man sighed before yanking the baby out of her hands and checking his shoulder.

"He was a beautiful baby," The man sighed as he shot the baby in the head.

"No!" Sage screamed as she lunged at the man but all he did was push her away as he dropped the baby to the ground.

"Sam! Please no! God no!" Sage broke into hysterical sobs and cradled the baby in her arms and everyone stood still and watched in shock as it all broke down.

"She'll thank me later," The man spat near the woman.

"Sammy, please, Sammy," Sage’s murmurs slowly broke Sofie's heart.

"You son of a bítch!" She heard someone yell and she turned to see Sage’s husband, James, running at the man and taking him to the ground and starting beating him repeatedly before the soldier girl shot him in the head and he fell instantly.

"James!" Sage screamed, hearing the gunshots and ran over to her husband, placing his head on her lap and clutching her dead child.

"Move," The man grunted at Sage and checked James’s tattoo.

"I knew it. This is what happens when you leave the Laborare unchecked! Be thankful I killed them before they could've killed you all! You can only cage an animal for so long!" The man exclaimed and Sofie spat on the ground and glared at the man.

"You can only cage an animal for so long, then it will start to fight for its rights," Sofie snarled.

"Fight for rights," Heather snarled and spat on the ground too.

"Fight for rights," Thomas spat on the ground and gave a fierce glare for someone his age.

"Fight for rights," Soon everyone had spat and stated and they gave the man a harsh glare.

"Tch, let’s move out," The man glanced around the glaring group before pushing through the crowd and heading back to the vehicle and the woman followed.

The other soldier was still staring at the sniffling Sage and he locked eyes with Sofie with a startling look of regret before walking towards the vehicle and hopping in the back as the grey vehicle sped off.

A loud silence echoed in the camp and all that could be heard was Sage still whispering for her husband and baby to return.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4BJdKGoQBA&list=LLSV_8fNrRt_Z-ovg_E1tDAQ&index=6 Just in case you're in emotional turmoil, here's a YouTube video of kittens singing to the tune of River Flows in You
Man Emily turned me into a sadist for this chapter so if you're wondering why I killed both the child and husband, blame Emily but also thank her, she's been super helpful and probably the reason this is up today! Also I'm giving her credit for the fight for rights thing and pretty much everything that looks amazing here! Thanks for reading this and here's some tissues!


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