White Lotus (An Original Story)

A few years in the future, a lotus tattoo is achieved at birth that will affect your personality and future. There was the Laborare (white), the Inficio (pink), the Vitale (red), and the Pietas (blue). Everything was in peace until a nuclear explosion destroyed most of America. The Inficio needed a scapegoat so they pinned the blame on Laborare and a massacre occured killing thousands of Laborare and leaving the rest to hide and search for shelter.
Many thanks to Emily (A_Small_Drop)!

Chapter 1

Kana Yoon

Please don't steal my work or I will find you and later hide your body. I plan on maybe publishing this story and I'd rather not learn that someone stole my idea. Thanks!

24 A.N. (After Nuclear)

Kana woke up to the staccato sound of the morning bell and she slowly blinked away the blurriness out of her eyes and got ready for this morning’s work. She changed out of her thin cotton pajama bottoms and top and into her usual outfit of light blue overalls, her worn out brown combat boots that reached under her knees, and under her overalls, she wore a dark grey shirt that covered the white lotus that has damned her since birth.

She absentmindedly traced the sketch of it on her upper arm, the ridges calming her. She traced the white stem of the flower that ended in a little swirl and ended. It was strange that something so simple as it could lead her to where she had to live in a world of shame and death.

"Come on, Kana. Don't want to be late to breakfast," Her mother patted her back and Kana glanced up towards her mother’s hazel eyes that matched her own.

"Alright," She replaced her sleeve so it was covering hers and she walked out of the tent.

The sun glared harshly down on Kana and she raised a pale hand that was sure to burn to cover her eyes.

"I'll make sure that we make some more hats," Kana’s mother smiled at her as they walked to a large metal building as people walked towards it, making small talk with people next to them.

Kana glanced at the unfamiliar faces and tried to find the two friends she made when she first came here three days ago.

"Leo! Sofie!" Kana waved towards her friends who she found amongst the crowd.

"You can go over to them, Kana! Leave your mom to make so I can make some friends," Kana smiled at her mom before running over to her friends who were waiting for her.

"This heat is going to kill me," Sofie sighed as she ran her finger through her shoulder length black hair as Kana caught up to her.

"At least you're wearing a tank top," Kana pointed at Sofie's dark red tank top where you can see a little bit of her blue lotus tattoo.

"I may have short hair but it’s thicker than you think!" Sofie argued, a smile on her lips.

"At least you won't get sunburned like me and Kana," Leo added in.

"Let's get inside so we don't get sunburned," Kana told them and they walked into the dining hall.

The dining hall echoed with discussion and the clattering of utensils as the trio got in line behind an elderly woman who was chatting with another lady about how it used to be before the nuclear explosion.

"Hopefully we don't have to work in the fields again today, my back is still sore," Kana joked.

"You get used to it after a year but it would be nice not to work in the fields again," Sofie agreed.

"Words of the wise from our elder," Leo joked as Sofie gave a jokingly bow which made the three erupt in laughter.

Soon enough, they reached the front and they all grabbed a bowl of oatmeal from the front of the line as a man with a red lotus tattoo continued making more bowls.

"Enjoy," He smiled as he handed them bowls.

"Thanks," They all smiled politely before turning towards the hall.

They glanced around before Kana pointed at a nearly empty table and they walked towards the back and they sat with Kana on one side and Leo and Sofie on the other side.

"Did you hear that Sage went into labor early this morning?" Sofie asked them.

"The seamstress? My mom works with her," Kana grinned, happy for Sage.

"Hopefully, the baby will appear soon I''ve heard," Sofie told them.

"I bet James is excited," Kana smiled, talking about Sage’s husband.

"More like worried sick! He's going to have a heart attack before the baby shows up my mom said," Leo laughed.

"So any new books that your mom brought back?" Leo asked Sofie and she gave a grin.

"Well in Lectus, she traded my other book for this new book that talks about how there used to be corruption in big government even before the nuclear explosion; it's called The Shame of Our Cities," Sofie smiled, always ready to talk about books.

"What does your mom do?" Kana asked.

"She's a traveler," Sofie answered, "she goes to other safe houses and trades supplies with them,"

"Isn't that dangerous?" Kana asked, worried.

"The Inficio try to track them to find the safe houses but my mom used to be in a family full of Laborare and so did her two partners, they know their way to fool them," Sofie smiled with pride.

"Heya kids," A woman with pixie cut brown hair and warm brown eyes sat right next to Kana and set her bowl down.

"Hi Katherine," Leo and Sofie smiled at the new arrival as Kana gave her a look of "excuse you" and Katherine grinned at her reaction.

"Laborare, aren't you?" Katherine asked without really asking, causing Kana to tense up defensively. "Hey, chill. I'm one too." Katerine turned so Kana could see her tattoo. She didn't cover it up like Kana did, oddly enough.

"This is Katherine, she co-leads with Michael," Sofie explained to Kana.

"He's the face and morals, I'm the brain and cunning," Katherine explained with a smirk.

"Don't insult the Vitale, Katherine," Leo warned her and she laughed.

"I would never insult you or Michael, Leo. I'm just saying we make the perfect team," Katherine told Leo.

"So how are you enjoying the lovely shelter of Tutus?" Katherine turned to Kana.

"It's nice. A lot better than hiding in broken down cars on the side of the road," Kana shrugged and Katherine gave a laugh.

"Anyways once you guys are finished, your job is to help the seamstresses make some more clothing,” Katherine told them as she continued eating her bowl of oatmeal.

They ate this morning's oatmeal and occasionally made small talk about different things before they all finished.

"Alright, well I'll see you three at lunch. Enjoy sewing!" Katherine smiled before standing up and walking away.

"We should probably get going," Kana stated and they all stood up and put their bowls up where latecomers were getting the final pot of oatmeal.

They walked out of the dining hall when they heard a distant rumbling.

"What was that noise?" Leo asked as Kana’s eyes widened and glanced towards the main gate where a dust cloud was forming in the distance.

"It's Inficio soldiers," Kana whispered in shock as Sofie was the first the go into action and rang the brass bell hanging near the entrance 6 times.

"Soldiers! Soldiers!" Sofie yelled before grabbing Kana’s hand and leading her to her tent and Leo dashed inside the dining hall.

"Oh my God, oh my God," Kana was taking deep breaths in as people started dashing places and several were shouting how far the soldiers were.

They entered one of the sleeping tents that Kana assumed was Sofie's as Sofie lead her to the back.

Sofie opened a small trapdoor and Kana glanced in to see space to fit six people inside.

"Get in, they're going to check tats and I'm not letting a friend die," Sofie told her and Kana hopped into the dark room.

"I'm going to wait for more, don't worry," Sofie told her.

She heard more footsteps and soon enough a little boy and a pregnant woman around Kana mom’s age appeared.

"I'm Nadia, this is my nephew, Milen," The pregnant woman introduced herself and the scared little boy.

"Where's Mama and Papa, Aunt Nadia?" Milen asked.

“We’re playing hide and seek Milen, remember? Your Mama and Papa are giving us a minute to hide, isn’t this a great hiding spot?” Nadia asked and Milen nodded.

"I need to shut this alright? See you soon and stay quiet," Sofie hissed before she shut the trapdoor and darkness and fear was all that was left in the hiding spot.

Thanks for reading and I hope I didn't scare you with my threat! Again thanks to Emily, this went from just a random idea to this in under 24 hours and pretty much helped me write Katherine! Please comment below any questions you have and thanks again!


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