~For What The Future Holds~ (A One Direction Love Story)

IT'S CONTINUED! The book you all loved about Prim, Liam, Sophia, and Zayn and Harry! Book one: ~The Problems We're Facing~ Now for book two!

Chapter 1

This Chapter Is Just For Fun First.............

Hello everybody! I hope you liked the first book! There are three so far but I have only written book one and now book two! Book three will come soon too! Please enjoy this book and the other books in this series! XD Please Read and Rate and Comment on my book! All of them! I worked on this with the same awesome person as the first book! Her name is too awesome to write down. So add her if you haven't yet. Read my first book and her name is at the pretty little top! :3 Bye Bye you wonderful peeps! And I love you all, my special mogos!

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