Q + A

Snagged from Kristi.

Chapter 1


by: m3rcy616
1. Do you live in the city or the country?
City, with plenty of open space - Colorado Springs.

2. Is there anything you don't like?
Of course. The color yellow is one.

3. What was the last band you saw live?
Trans-Siberian Orchestra, this past winter.

4. Are you taken?
In a sense... I'm getting divorced.

5. Do you prefer a large family or a small family?
Um... I really dunno how you have a preference to family size. My immediate family is pretty small. When you get to aunts, uncles, and cousins, my family gets pretty big. (I have 7 direct cousins.) As far as what I prefer for the future. Probably a pretty small family, but who's to say. I'm 21, and not exactly ready to create my own family yet.

6. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?
I prefer to be barefoot...but when it comes to footwear, I prefer boots.

7. How many pets are in your house? Do you have a favorite?
Well, there are my two cats. Since I now live with friends, There are also two dogs that belong to one of my roommates.

8. Take the closest book to you and type the fourth sentence on page 54.
There is not a book in the room I'm sitting in, unless I count my so-far-unmarked spiral bound notebook, and I don't feel like going to get the only book that I have in my possession at the moment.

9. What was the last word you heard out loud?
"clap trap!"

10. When was the last time you swam in the ocean?
Been a couple years. The last time I went to California and was able to enjoy the beach was nearly 3 years ago.

11. Do you like cold weather?
I'm used to it. Couldn't really say that I like it, but I'm used to it. (I'm told I always feel like an icecube, sooo.... yeah)

12. What do you do when you procrastinate?
Depends on what I'm procrastinating from doing. Like, it appears that I'm procrastinating with my divorce, but I have no vehicle, since my soon to be ex has it, and i don't trust him with knowing where I'm living right now... so, I'm biding time, rather than procrastinating. (And what my soon-to-be-ex is doing in his procrastination is allegedly getting arrested, allegedly being kept under suicide watch, and generally behaving like he's mentally unstable...)
Procrastination from simpler things - I'm likely listening to music, watching videos, checking social media, or hanging out with my roommates.

13. What day were you born on?
Apparently it was a Thursday. January 14th, 21 years ago.

14. How many regrets do you have in life?
Honestly, none. That's not to mean that there are things I don't carry guilt for, but I don't regret the things I do. Everything I've done, I've done for a reason, and every experience, feeling, and thought I've had forms who I am right now. I can, at the very least, say that my life doesn't stay boring for long, and I've had some interesting experiences for someone who has barely lived longer than two decades.

15. Do you know anyone with piercings and tattoos?
Yeah, I agree with Kristi, this is an outdated question...but yes, many people including myself.

16. Are you old enough to drive or drink or vote?
All three.

17. Do you lie about anything on the internet?
No, I don't see the need to. There are a number of things that I do not post online, but I don't think I really need to explain that one, do I?

18. Do you like school?
Overall, yeah I did. College I need to re-attend. At least I'll take the next go around a hell of a lot more seriously.

19. How old will you be on your next birthday?

20. Do you follow any television shows?
somewhat. I don't have cable, so that shows I watch are online, or on netflix, or dvd... but there are series that I enjoy.

21. What kind of phone/computer do you have?
Um, well, you see my S.T.B.X has shut off all service to my phone, but it's an LG Optimus L9. My laptop is a fairly old Toshiba.

22. Are there any trends you think won't last?
Um... yeah. I don't really keep up with trends, but most of them don't last. That's the point of them being trends.

23. What would you want to change about your body?
Not much - I do want more tattoos, I want to eventually re-do the piercing I had in the nape of my neck, properly this time, and I want to play around with hair color again, but that all waits for a bit.

24. Are you an athlete?
not really. I dance, I have no problem with walking places, and in high school, the coaches wanted me to be on the track team. But I'm not an athlete, I'm just somewhat active.

25. Have you ever left the country?
I haven't. Not yet at least.


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