The most random dream ever

So I was bored and I had this dream, and i thought hey... why not put it on the internet, so enjoy my randomness.

Chapter 1

Most random dream ever

by: Robsayshi
Heres the dream. I was sitting on the side of the road watching traffic go by. Suddenly there was a bunch of sirens and lights coming out of nowhere so I ran up onto a porch at a house I had moved away from. A cop pulls over a very large elderly woman in my driveway. The cop comes out of the car and asks me for a fork. I say yes and I go in my house, grab him a fork, and I give it to him. He stabs me in the arm with the fork and says nope, no good, and asks me to get him another one. For some reason I did and i gave it to him. He walked over to my dad who was unusually large in the dream and stabs him in the arm with the fork. My dad stands perfectly still and does nothing. The cop says Thats much better. Then he walks over to my brother, and stabs a box of cheese its he was holding that came out of nowhere with the fork, and says you have to be careful with these things. Then i walked over to my van and went inside to grab a really tiny box of poptarts. End of dream.


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