No one knows the meaning of...

I just wanted to see what others believe in. And if I agree.

Chapter 1

No one knows the meaning of childhood rights.

How many times have you heard "Treat others the way you want to be treated." It's bull dinky. Do your parents and teachers treat you the way you should treat them? NO! Does your mom ever yell at you not to talk back, but she always does that to you? Or has your teacher ever said "I am the adult here, you shouldn't take that attitude with me!" even though they're being just as snappy as you? It's not right.

By law, we get the same rights (mostly) as adults when we're born. I understand that authority is necessary, but sometimes, its just not fair! Children are humans too, and a person's a person, no matter how small. So why treat us unlike human beings?

We need authority. We need leaders. But, where's the line between understandable, and just not right? Well, when an adult is neing a hypocrite, then you know it's not okay! Like "You need to be more responsible! I can' keep bringing things that you forgot!" and then, "I'm sorry honey! I didn't remember to do that for you!" Really? I mean, come on!

Maybe you're like me, and you feel that just because you're a child, doesn't mean you should be treated like you don't matter. Here's a good example. I've always been a gifted kid, I can talk with adults and not get bored, I can understand everything. Then we I try to sit with people I can actually talk with, not 3rd grade conversations, they won't accept me! I am not a 3rd grader, nor will I put up with idiotic conversations when at a FAMILY EVENT! I am a part of the family, as are the little ones. We should all be at the SAME TABLE, eating foods that WE ALL LIKE, and doing things we can ALL DO! Fair? My rear end!

So, how are we going to fix this little delima, the not fair issue? Simple, a rebellion! Nothing stupid that will have us all in trouble, but little things to bring back the fairness.
1) Next time you're parents say that they're the adult, respond by saying "Yes, I know, I'm sorry. I love you, but I'm a person too. Please think about that!" Be really gentle when you say that though.
2) If someone tries to put you at the little kid table, say "Look, I love them, a lot, but I just can't take another year of being the only big kid at the table. I'm mature and old enough to sit with the rest of the family." once again, don't lose it.
3) Be polite and civil. Unless you know something is wrong, with the whole childhood fairness idea, don't do anything. You don't want to get in trouble for no reason.

So, now you see why I feel how dumb it is to treat children diffrently just because we're younger and smaller. Parents wouldn't want their kids to treat them they way they treat they're kids. (Think, would you're family pitch a fit if you tried to the stuff they do to you, to them?) Teachers are always pushing respect, but we can't treat them the way they deal with us.

I need more people to push the idea of equality, we're supposed to have an equality based country, but it's not. Please, please spread the word, bring back the equality that used to exist! COMMENT! RATE! PASS IT ON! REPOST! RESPECT AND EQUALITY DO NOT EXIST! IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A DIFFRENCE, START TODAY! RIGHT NOW!

The next person to get this story, please write about something that you feel strongly about. I don't care what it is you choose to write about, but as long as you feel passionate about it. Then it's welcome in the chain story! Btw, if you're ticked off at me, re-read the 3rd paragraph.

Another thing, I wrote this to stop parents and teachers from abusing their powers. It happens everyday to hundreds of children, and it can get out of hand.


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