My Life (a poem by me!!)

I wrote this for my English'd be really cool if I could get some feedback on it!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

My Life

Fifteen years young.
and fun.
Born at Saint Agnes Hospital in Fondy.
Coming home to my bedroom,
with its freshly painted yellow walls.
Two half brothers, one half sister.
Two loving parents, one happy family.
Learning to walk,
taking my first steps in our cozy living room,
on the cream colored shag carpet.
Learning to talk,
calling my dad papa,
and my mom mama.
Learning to ride my little red bike,
falling off,
and scraping my knee.
I met my best friend at swimming lessons when I was four,
I’m still lucky to be friends with her to this day.
Dressed in a purple skirt,
and my Power Puff Girl’s shirt,
ready for my first day of Kindergarten,
excited and ready to go.
Becoming an aunt at age six.
Holding Bryce in my arms at the hospital,
looking down at him and knowing he’ll look like his mother.
Little did I know I’d be an aunt again half a year later,
and many times after that.
In the third grade I finally learned how to roller skate,
but that did not stop me from falling,
and breaking my arms.
My daddy took me to Appleton for a cast,
I picked a bright green one, of course.
A few years later Middle School came along,
and as usual I was an outcast.
I was the weird one.
My music was different,
and my favorite color was black.
It was hard,
harder than listening to the useless arguments at family gatherings,
and at home.
The more I cried about the bullies and their mean remarks,
the more my parents argued.
I thought it was all my fault,
it made me question a few things.
Why am I here?
Would it be better if I went away?
In eighth grade I finally switched school,
things weren’t much better though,
they were worse.
People called me a w***.
A b
Friends came and went as they pleased,
it seemed,
but I didn’t mind it much.
To be honest,
I liked to be alone most of the time.
Then summer came along,
it was full of love and fun,
and blonde moments with my dearest of friends.
Laying on benches by the bank,
eating donuts and drinking soda.
People would always look at us like,
what the heck?!
But we didn’t care.
Finally High School started,
the so called best years of my life.
The home of the huskies,
sitting in the stands,
cheering and yelling.
I spend most of the time dealing with drama,
I wish people would leave me out of it.
OMG! Those two are dating?
Wait, what did she say about me NOW?!
I ended up falling for a friend,
and he did the same.
When I think of him,
I can’t help but smile.
It’s funny how all of our friends saw this coming.
I’m glad to say that this is only the beginning of,
my life.


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