Has anyone else noticed...?

Chapter 1


So, have you guys noticed that like over half of Quibblo is just girls? I mean, come on, we need more guys! And like a lot of the guys on here get swarmed around by a bunch of love-sick girls who just want boys to tell them they're pretty! I mean, come on! There's even this one 10-year-old boy that was once on here, and a 17-year-old girl was all like "Hey hottie, wanna have s*x?" I mean come on, what in the world is that all about? (I know I keep saying 'I mean come on'.) But seriously? I mean why? We need more guys on here, because for every guy, there's like at least 10 or 20 girls! I mean, if you go to a popular guy's profile (let's say he has like 200+ friend) all his top friends are most likely going to be girls, and if he has a picture of him in his photo album, I'm pretty sure there will be a ton of comments telling him how hot he is, or cute. And then there are all these gorgeous girls you see on here that no guys pay attention to, but then all the guys who aren't very good-looking,(I know looks aren't what matter though) or are just plain jerks, get all the attention! This is no one's fault, I'm not specifically blaming this on guys, or girls, but I just think that us girls need to lay off on the guys a little bit, or just try to get more guys on here.
Thanks for listening to me rant, I just felt like it needed to be said, and so I said it. I know it may seem a bit harsh, or rude, but please forgive me for that, I am not in the best mood at the moment.



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