Hogwarts group story

this is a group story made with: Hellokittycupcakes, Syiblunarry, agchorse and lolothepolo14

Chapter 1

Introduction to the characters

Name:Annabeth Chase (like in Percy Jackson)
Blood:Muggle born
Looks:Blond hair, wavy, to the shoulder, grey eyes, slim, medium height
Personality:VERY smart, nice, funny, pretty, brave, helpful, sometimes short tempered
Wand:Hazel, dragon heartstrings, 10 1/2 inches
Pet:Snowy owl named Traveler
BFFs:Bella Chestnut, Amelia Robinson, Allie Robinson, Scarlet Rose
Other:Knew Hermione before because they went to the same muggle school

Name:Bella Chestnut
Blood:Muggle born
Looks:dark skin, straight, long, black hair, dark brown eyes, slim tall
Personality:Caring, smart, nice, funny, brave, pretty
Wand:Vine, unicorn hair, 13 1/4 inches
Pet:Siamese and tabby mix named Sundae
BFFs:Annabeth Chase, Amelia Robinson, Allie Robinson, Scarlet Rose
Other:Is neighbors with Scarlet Rose

Name:Amelia Robinson
Blood:Half blood
Looks:straight ginger bob, dark brown eyes, slim, pretty tall
Personality:Hyper, almost always happy, loyal, brave, pretty, very smart
Wand:Oak, unicorn hair, 12 inches
Pet:Toad named Sushi
BFFs:Annabeth Chase, Bella Chestnut, Allie Robinson, Scarlet Rose
Other:Her twin is Allie. They look the same except Allie has wavy hair but Amelia has straight hair.

Name:Allie Robinson
Blood:Half blood
Looks:Wavy, long (to the waist) ginger hair, dark brown eyes, slim, same height as Amelia
Personality: Calm but can sometimes be very hyper, brave, loyal, pretty, helpful
Wand:mohogany, unicorn hair, 11 inches
Pet:Barn owl named Gold Thorn
BFFs:Annabeth Chase, Bella Chestnut, Amelia Robinson, Scarlet Rose
Other:See Amelia

Name:Scarlet Rose
Blood:Pure blood
Looks:Long, curly black hair, blue eyes, and very pale
Personality: not the best student, loyal, brave, pretty, funny
Wand:Alder, Phoenix tail feather, 11 1/2 inches
Pet:Snowy owl named Wigglefoot
BFFs:Annabeth Chase, Bella Chestnut, Amelia Robinson, Allie Robinson
Other:Is Bella Chestnut's neighbor

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