my poems. no mean comments.

Chapter 1


It is all that I feel
All I feel is pain
why do they hurt me?
why don't they love me?
why don't they care?
I'm am lost
and alone
can someone help me
I didn't ask to feel this way
they push and they prod
and all you can do is sit back and nod
as the pain seeps in
and you try to drift away into the land of dreams
and the pain
it continues to spread
never ending pain
I cry out for help
yet no one ever helps me
it's like they enjoy my pain
they don't care if I'm sad
or If I am happy
but how can I be happy?
when all I feel is pain.
everyday it gets worse
the feelings get worse
eventually the pain
it consumes you
until there is nothing left
but everlasting pain.

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