Sorry to those who were actively reading this story. One day I just kinda gave up on it. But since I really liked it, I've been trying to write more lately. I'm gonna see what I can do before university starts (in a week) but I doubt I'll finish it.

Just wanted to let you guys know I haven't given up on it yet :)

Chapter 1

Information, because apparently the "Introduction" section isn't long enough.

Okay, just a little bit of information for anyone who wants to read this, because the intro isn't long enough. If you don't like the look of how many words there are on this page, feel free to skip to the conclusion, it basically sums everything up.

Basically, I've been writing this forever, and it still isn't finished.
~there will be a little notification here later on (in like a thousand years) which will inform you when it is in fact finished because the statement above only applies for a (hopefully) limited amount of time~

I initially wasn't going to post this on here because it's my favourite piece of writing of mine so far, and I'd really like to have it published. I'm still a little hazy on whether or not posting writing on the internet is okay when publishing is involved. So yeah. But I figure I'm not getting published any time soon, so I shouldn't need to worry.

So this evening I decided to just go ahead and post what I have so far.

Initially I wanted to post it in three parts, because the story itself is in three parts over three days. So it would've made sense. Except quibblo is absurd and has a character limit, so because it's about 5 words too long (not even kidding) I will have to find another way to split it up.

Because of this, I've decided to split it every time there is a natural break in the story. Such as the * * * thing I put in my stories when they're in a word document. Usually I change it to a bolded line on here. But yeah, lots of books and things have that or a little picture. Well this story has the three stars, so every time I put those, I'm going to make it a separate chapter.

This could be annoying for you guys, because sometimes I put those between a single paragraph. But there are no other logical breaks in the story, so you'll all have to live with it.

What I think I'm going to do (so long as I don't get killed for it) is ask for a few comments after each chapter. I know, I hate people that do that, but I really don't get much feedback, and I never know whether people are clicking it and then going "Na that sucks" and leaving.
All I ask is for something either positive or negative. I really do love both. But please be constructive. Don't just say "you're gay" and leave it at that (not that anyone on here has ever done that to me, so thank you guys for being really lovely :D).
I will appreciate anything either useful or lovely, so feel free to say what you're thinking about it. If I make grammatical errors please don't hesitate to correct them. I feel awful if something is wrong for ages and no one's told me about it.
If my story sucks, that's okay if you tell me, but please be prepared to back yourself up on why :)

So to conclude this hideously long information page I will say only this: Sorry if the chapters are short, I'll do my best to make them interesting. Please comment after reading, because it makes me feel good for a day or a week, and it also means you'll get the next part sooner. Also, let me know what I'm doing wrong, otherwise I'll never learn. And lastly, thank you to all those who read all of this and are still going to keep reading. You are the best! :D

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