Poems, A Collection

Just little things I like to write from time to time.

Chapter 1

The Land From Whence I Came

I come from a land
unknown to your kind.
One that many think is strange.

It smells like sunshine and rain
that come together to form the
Rainbows that shine above
as the fiends galumph across the way.

Marshmallows burn and fall into the flames
that we've spun stories around.
Frogs lounge close by
and their orchestra makes the river loud.

Pleasantly awkward silences
are broken with rambunctious laughter
And people are never lost
in the dreams they're taught to chase after.

Shadows do not live in this place,
our Sun shines on every one.

Like vibrant lemonade sold by the quarter
the cool breeze flies by.

In a land full of mystery
people are constantly pondering why.

Why must we be the "strange ones"
when the world is equally so?

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