Wrecked Balance

Wrecked Balance

It all started with two worlds: One for goodness and one for evil. Overtime, Earth become less pure and more aggresive but Nightmare Lane stayed the heart of pain. But when a new world theatens to wreck the balance of the worlds, one girl will do anything it takes to save the one she loves the most.

Chapter 2


I saw two kids looking around the pizza pallor. One was short with short purple (?) hair and was kind of scrawny. She held the boy close as if he was a really cute necklace. The boy had brown hair around as long as his sister’s but he was much more laid back. She looked worried and she was filthy. She had bruises and the boy had a cut on his cheek. Immediately I walked over to them. "Hello, I'm Giana. Boy you guys are skinny, would you like some pizza?" I asked them. The girl shook her head but the boy tilted his head.
"What's pizza?" He asked. I almost passed out. How could some one not know what pizza is?!
"Sorry, no need to bother you," the girl said taking a step back.
"Girl, some one who doesn't know what pizza is doesn't need to worry about bothering some one, they need professional help!" Kayla told her walking up. She took the little boy's hand and shoved a piece of pizza up his mouth. His eyes lit up and he grinned after chewing and swallowing.
"Pizza!" He shrieked and shoved some more in his mouth. People turned to see him and smiled. His face was filled with sauce.
"No Luca," The girl whimpered. I smiled. Luca...
"May I ask what's your name?" I asked. She stared at me with an empty expression.
"Onyx!" The little boy giggled. I smiled.
"Nice name, would you guys want to get clean up in my house?" I asked.
"My mother told me not to trust strangers." She told me.
"Yes! The boy giggled and hugged my leg. Onyx looked down.
"Fine." She muttered.
"The boy ate my pizza!" Ryan whinnied.
"I'm hungry now..." Luis added.
"Hmm, is this how people act when they're spoiled?" Luke asked, "I always thought they would be as vain as my brother."
"I ain't vain! Just handsome..." Alfred argued.
"Boys..." Josie sighed.
"Humans," Jason added. I guessed I zoned out on their fighting... I should've known they wouldn't be so quiet all of the sudden. "Josie may I talk to you in private for a second?" Jason asked Josie.
"Whatever you say batty," She told him and got up. Then both of them left the restaurant.
"Where do you suppose they're going?" Glinda muttered. I shrugged but I put Glinda in charge of the kids and then followed them out and to the back of the pizzeria.
"Don't you think it's strange that two kids would appear out of nowhere?" Jason hissed once he thought they were a lone.
"So? Two kids appear from no where, what's the big whoop?" Josie asked uninterested.
"They do have the appearance of kids in Soul Eater don't you think. Unreal with the purple hair and big eyes?" He responded.
"What, taking an interest in anime all of the sudden?" She answered.
"I'm here to protect you. The anime world is imagined but if a hole is opened from it to Earth bad things can wreck the balance and destroy all three worlds!" He snarled annoyed. All three worlds? "Just look up, the camouflage is disappearing, people are sure to notice a floating constant!" He growled as if he was trying to train a dog to play checkers. At that time I looked up and realized he was right. Three worlds? What kind of dream have I walked into?
"Relax, Ive survived the collapse of six of the fifteen dimensions, and I know how it works. I can help fix this," She smiled. Fifteen? Now I know I was dreaming, I was sure as hell there was only 9.
"Once the hole rips you know your prince in shinning armor will come to rescue you. And all the girls seen him on the cover of your book, Mixed Up Farely Tales. Once they find him don't you think they'll go fan-girl rampage?" He asked. "Deo, Dasha, Scooter, Justin, Dillian and Gilbert. Not to mention all the other people. They could be revealed, or worse, destroyed! The dragons will run loose, the fairy tales will take a turn for the worse. And there's not much time to fix it. How could you be so calm?" He snapped.
She chuckled. "Aye you worry to much, wouldn't you agree Giana?" She laughed. My heart dropped a beat as I trembled. Not more then a second later I was face to face with Jason.
"Seems you have found out my little secret. Yes, I am very much a witch. I am a princess in Nightmare Lane, the floating mountain above us. Not much of a mountain thought, it's stage two of the illusion. Under normal circumstances I would kill you but this might be another clue to finding my brother and sister." She told me, her voice low.
"Really! Three worlds may be destroyed and all you think about is finding your brother and sister!" Jason shrieked. She laughed softly. I would smile if I wasn't paralyzed with... Hmm, I don't know FEAR!!!!!
"You're a great friend and with the anime world open like this, it's a great time to take advantage of it. Hope you're as great as a meister as you are a friend," She told me and put her hands on my arms. I started sweating, for the first time! Before I could scream a smirk spread across her face. "Now this might sting a bit... Or a lot, never been electrocuted before." Before I could scream a green bunch of electricity flew straight from her hands to me and the next thing I knew I was on the ground, struggling to stay awake. "Sorry kid, but you risked your hide coming out here. You may think it was all a dream but if you ever find out my secret again you will suffer consequences. Nitey nite, sweet dreams," was the last thing I heard her say before it went all dark.

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