Harry Potter Chatroom.

So basically this is what would happen if we provided chatrooms for the characters at Hogwarts........enjoy!

Just so you know. Chapter 3. Is my Original Scripted Chapter for the 4th of July Special one. Chapter 6. Is alternative route. On basically...what would have happened if the characters decided to well act different to the situation. Results vary in between..so please do read both. For both are different but still funny!

Chapter 3

Weasleys + Potions Class + Fireworks = Best 4th of July Ever! P.S. DON'T CALL ME SNIVELLUS!

AngryPotionsMaster Has Logged on


Ron: I didn't do it!

Snape: Not you Weasley..I'm talking about your Bumbling Moronic Twin Brothers.

Ron: Oh them...they should be getting on in a little bit.

Harry: What did they do this time.

Snape: You don't want to know.

Hermione: Actually we kinda do.

Draco: Me too.

Pansy: I would like to know as well.

Draco: No one likes you Pansy shoots her with Shotgun

Pansy has been disconnected due to the fact that she's now dead

Draco: Do continue.

Voldemort: I would like to know as well.

Harry: What are you doing here?

Voldemort: What can I say...I like to Gossip. Plus.....Severus is my only friend.....

Hermione: Man...you must be really pathetic if Snape is your only friend.

Snape: 50 points from Gryffindor.

Hermione: Eh...it was worth it.

Weasley Twins Have Logged On

Fred: Hello!

George: Hi!

Fred & George: We just pulled the best Prank ever in Potions Class

Snape: And now you got 5 weeks detention and 100 points taked from your house because of it.

Harry: What did they do?

Fred: In light of Fourth of July..

George: In America.

Fred & George: We set off Fireworks!

Ron: That doesn't seem that bad compared to the other pranks you guys have pulled.

Headmaster Double-D has logged on

Dumbledore: That's because they arranged the Fireworks to spell out "You Suck Snivellus. P.S. You really need to wash your hair. It's Greasy" bursts out laughing

Harry: That's hilarious!

Ron: His Hair is Greasy!

Nevile: Guys...I wouldn't piss off Snape....he scares me....... o.O

Hermione: smirks Snivellus..that's funny!

Snape: That's not funny. And never call me Snivellus.

Dumbledore: But what about James, Sirius, Petigrew, Lupin, Lucius, Bellatrix, Narcissa, Ollivander, Hagrid, Umbridge, McGonagal, Flitwick, Every Hogwarts Student, Me, Lilly, and Voldemort? We all have called you Snivellus before.

Snape: Ok...I knew about the others.....but you, Lilly, and Voldemort? That's just hurtful........

Voldemort: Sorry....but it's really funny....

Snape: I don't think it's funny.

DepressedPotoinsMaster has logged out

Voldemort: Ok...now that Snape is gone Dumbledore. Headmaster Double-D? What in blazing hell did you use that for a freaking screen name?

Dumbledore: Because I'm funky fresh yo. I be flying off the gold chain Fo-Sizzle.

PotionsMaster has logged back on

Snape: Dumbledore...that was so lame on so many levels. Never do that again.

PotionsMaster has logged off

Voldemort: Freaky....

Dumbledore: IKR! He creeps me out!

Neville: Me too!

LittleMissNarggleLover has logged on

Luna: Hey! So like I'm throwing a BBQ! And afterwords we are going on a huge Narggle hunt! Who wants to join me!?!?!?!?!?

Voldemort: Omg! Sounds like fun! Can't wait! Let me Message Snape on!

WhatnowVolde? has logged on

Snape: What?

Voldemort: Luna is having a BBQ Party and Narggle Hunt afterwords! Wanna team up?

Snape: Uh yeah!

Draco: I thought you were going to go with me Snape......... T.T

Snape: Sorry...but I like Voldemort better! XP

Draco: Why me?

Pansy: I'll go with you!

Draco: I thought I killed you! o.O

DracoScared has logged off

Pansy: Dang it....now I got to track him down again.

Pansy has logged off

Snape: Ok..I swear that Draco killed her earlier...how is she still alive?

Voldemort: She might or not have discovered my book on Horcruxes......

Malfoy has logged on

Draco: WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!??!??!?!?!???!?!??!?!?!?!??!!?!??!??!?!!?? WHY DID YOU LET HER FIND THE BOOK! IT WAS MY ONE CHANCE TO GET RID OF HER!

Malfoy has logged off

Harry: Yeah.......nothing unusual about that.....

Ron: Actually I found it very unusual.

Harry: I was being sarcastic. T.T

Ron: Oh............SPIDER! dljsfso jowsjioj iojosejo ewtien tiowetgweo gnowiengiow noi jngorn io4ithj oio 4nhwi trwtnio riow tnwer tnwennlng klgwklntlwnt oweo ig we gniowr tgte iwtighi ....... IT'S OK! I KILLED IT!

Snape: Wow. That boy does not like Spiders.

Voldemort: Luna's BBQ is about to start. Lets go Sev.

DeathEaters have logged out

Hermione: I always knew Snape was a Death Eater.


Hermione: T.T ....... you didn't have to be mean....

Hermione has logged off

Luna: I got a BBQ to prepare for...

LittleMissNarggleLover has logged off

Neville: I got to go help Luna..

LongbottomOut has logged out

Harry: Is it me or does Nevile's Log out name like totally weird on so many levels.

Ron: Agreed.

Harry and Ron have logged off

Dumbledore: Again..I have been left alone...

Fred & George: Actually we are still. But we are going to go Prank Voldemort and Snape at Luna's BBQ. So now your alone.

WeasleyTwins have logged out

Dumbledore: Well...this sucks......

Edward: I'm here.

Dumbledore: o.O You were here this whole time. Stalkerish a bit much....

Edward: I know....I have no life.

Dumbledore: Agreed.

Headmaster Double-D has logged out

Edward: Why does everyone hate me?

Bella has logged on

Bella: I love you Edward.

Edward shoots himself in head repeatedly with shotgun

Bella: Well....that was a little uncalled for.

Bella has logged off

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