Harry Potter Chatroom.

So basically this is what would happen if we provided chatrooms for the characters at Hogwarts........enjoy!

Just so you know. Chapter 3. Is my Original Scripted Chapter for the 4th of July Special one. Chapter 6. Is alternative route. On basically...what would have happened if the characters decided to well act different to the situation. Results vary in between..so please do read both. For both are different but still funny!

Chapter 2

No one likes Pansy.

The Half-Blood Prince has logged on

Snape: Hello? Is anyone here?

Pansy; Snape have you seen Draco?

The Half-Blood Prince has logged off

Pansy: Hmmph. I thought he would at least tell me where Draco was!

MalfoybeSlytherin has logged on

Pansy: DRACO!

Draco: Oh...hell no! brings out shot-gun

Pansy: Dracy? What are you doing with the Shot Gun?

MalfoybeSlytherin has been disconnected due to him shooting computer repeatedly

Pansy: Hmmph.

TheBoyWhoLived Has Logged on

Pansy: Oh..it's you..

Harry: I'm leaving.

TheBoyWhoLived has Logged off

ILOVERON has logged on

Pansy: How can you stand to love a Weasley!

Hermione; Your a git you know that Pansy!

Pansy; Well at least I'm not a Mudblood!

Hermione flips Pansy off


Hermione has logged off

Fred&George have Logged On

Pansy: Ugh...Weasleys..

Fred: Ugh...Slytherins.

George: Agreed.

Fred&George have Logged Out

Nargglelover has Logged on

LovesNargglesJustLikeMyDad has Logged on

Xenophilus: Hello Luna

Luna: Hi Dad.

Pansy: Ugh...it's Looney Lovegood 1 & 2

Xenophilus; Your a bitter young girl you know that.

Nargglelover has Logged off

Luna: I hope a Narggle steals your shoes.

LovesNargglesJustLikeMyDad has Logged off

Headmaster has logged on

Pansy: Hey Professor Dumbledore!

Dumbledore; points wand at self AVADA KEDAVARA!

And that ladies in Gentlemen is how Dumbledore really died.

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