Twelve Olympians, Five Factions, One Victor

Twelve Olympians, Five Factions, One Victor

This is my fanficiton mash-up, based on four series:

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins,
Divergent by Veronica Roth,
Percy Jackson and the Olympians and
Heroes of Olympus, by Rick Riordan.

No copyright infringement intended.

If you haven't read all of them, it won't affect it too much. I'll do my best to explain anything you wouldn't know. There aren't many spoiler alerts.

I used A LOT of creative license; just bear with me and ask questions. So comment, rate, and enjoy!

Chapter 1

Madge: On the Right Track

Though I understand clear as day why this happens every year, it is still a harsh reality for me when I have to wake up for the reaping. Today is no different.

I roll out of bed and head to my wardrobe to get dressed. The headboard of my bed is carved into the shape of a peacock - in honor of Hera. My parents have one like it. Despite my father being the mayor of District 10, the headboards are the most intricate pieces we own.

Inside of the wardrobe, I find a lacy white dress to wear. I strip off my nightclothes and slip into my new frilly outfit. The skirt ends at my knees and I wrap a matching shawl around my shoulders. As I adjust the blinds to let the room bathe in early morning glow, I catch a glimpse outside.

It is not quite busy yet, but Peacekeepers are just migrating into the town square right outside the Justice Building. They are setting up the stage and attendance areas where the reaping would take place. Just as many are setting up the entryway for Hera when she arrives.

The country we live into day - known as Panem - was once a region called North America. But that was centuries ago. After a civil war that caused them to bring themselves down, they needed to start from scratch, so to speak. To them, the best way to start civilization anew was to create a government and society based on the most desirable virtues in a person: selflessness, honesty, peacefulness, intelligence, and bravery. These were the foundations of the five 'factions.'

Those who blamed the downfall of mankind on violence became the Amity; all who blamed greed became the Abnegation; those who faulted deceit formed Candor; the ones who believed it was ignorance started the Erudite; and all who were convinced the cause was cowardice started Dauntless. Each individual of the newfound country grew up under the faction of their parents. They lived by the codes and customs of their traits. That was until they reached the age of sixteen. At that time, they would go through a process of choosing, testing, and being initiated into whichever of the five factions they chose. Through a 'Choosing Ceremony' that occurs once every year, each person would determine their culture, values, and loyalties - permanently.

And so they lived amongst themselves, between all of their factions, with a government run by only Abnegation representatives.

Until the Olympians came.

None of us knew the Olympians existed. They have lived for millennia without our awareness, originating from a nation once referred to as Greece, at one point coexisting with the region of North America. We couldn't see them because they - as well as all of the mythical creatures, minor gods, and magic that happened because of them - was invisible to us because of the Mist, which made all things magical appear as something we would recognize. They travel the globe, with the entrance to their home at Mount Olympus (as well as the entrance to the 'Underworld') migrating with them. According to Ancient Greek religions, they rule in a world of gods, goddesses, and mythical creatures beyond our comprehension. Their main connection with human society is having children with 'mortals' (mortals being regular humans such as myself) proclaimed as demigods. Demigods are half god, half human. Depending on their Olympian parent, some even inherit powers, as crazy as it sounds. It is just what we have been taught from our genuinely revised books, and of course, the Olympians themselves.

When they arrived, needless to say the factions panicked. On the other hand, the gods were infuriated. This was the first time they had returned to the area since North America existed. They spoke of the 'Empire State', and it being the entrance to Mount Olympus. But whatever it was, it was no longer standing. They had lifted the Mist to reveal themselves to us, and they watched as we trembled at their image.

In their panic, the factions turned. They lost any sense of the virtues they prized so much as well as a trait they had never quite acknowledged: loyalty. The Erudite blamed the Abnegation, seeing how they were the government, for the loss of previous civilization. All of Candor was under blackmail by the Erudite to remain silent, leaving them unable to stay true to their honesty. Amity representatives tried to make harmony with the gods and goddesses at the same time the Dauntless attacked - under Erudite orders. The Olympians saw the army and disregarded any peace treaties. Chaos spread like wildfire.

During the war, the factions fought among themselves as well as the Greeks. In order to fulfill their needs for resources, they organized themselves into thirteen makeshift 'districts', each specializing in a different industry: luxury; masonry; technology; fishing; power; transportation; lumber; textiles; grain; livestock; agriculture; coal-mining; and the final district dedicated to both graphite mining and nuclear weapons. All of the faction members were divided.

I remember those times. My father was the mayor of District Twelve, and it was the poorest of the districts. Throughout the brutal war, many people dropped dead of starvation; some even froze to death. Times were not particularly pleasant. I had one friend. Her name is Katniss Everdeen. On the days when we could attend school, when lightning was not crackling from the sky, or the earth shaking, I would sit and talk to her.

She would sit alone at lunch, so I would join her. No matter what the other girls talked about, there was always something different about our conversations. Something more...philosophical, about the ruthless world we live in, though we were only nine. Though we never said anything to anger the gods.

When our societies were on the verge of collapsing, the Olympians found it in themselves to step in before we destroyed each other. We must have been on the right track, because they kept the way we had divided ourselves.

Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, love and desire, was in charge of District 1 - Luxury. This would be the control of extravagant and rare items such as jewels, furs, and other goods.

Ares, god of war and bloodshed, stepped forward to run District 2 - Masonry. Back then it was decided that District 2 would supply the police force or army. Today they are known as Peacekeepers, but anyone can put two and two together to know that Ares is brainwashing them and training them to thirst blood.

District 3, the main center of all technology and development, was to be under Athena's control. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, warfare, and battle strategy, and also one of the most level headed of the Olympians.

Poseidon, being god of the seas, was clearly best suited for running the fishing district - District 4 - making him responsible for distributing all of the seafood across Panem.

Zeus eagerly stepped up to District 5: Power, as he was god of the skies, and he owned the Master Bolt of lightning. It was up to him to make sure power and electricity is received nationwide.

In charge of transportation in District 6 would be Hermes, god of travel and the messengers. This would be the center of all travel throughout the country.

Artemis, goddess of wilderness and the hunt, was assigned by her twin brother Apollo to District 7 - Lumber. She wasn’t too thrilled to be cutting down trees, but it gave her the opportunity to be in the woods in her free time.

On the other hand, Apollo, is running District 8 - textiles. Being the god of prophecy, he claims that the threads represent how the fates of prophecy are 'woven together.' Apollo is also the god of sun, music, healing, and poetry.

In charge of District 9: Grain, is easily Demeter, as she is goddess of grain and fertility.

My district - District 10 - is run by Hera, as I have previously mentioned. Hera is the queen of the gods, and also the goddess of marriage and childbirth. Seeing how we are the livestock district, and Hera's symbol is the cow as well as the peacock, she allows the production of all animals to prosper under her.

District 11 - Agriculture - is the responsibility of Dionysus, the wine god. With the grapes and other produce, he can also supply wine as well as food across the country.

In charge of District 12 is Hephaestus, god of the forge. With the coal mined from the district, he could also run a few blacksmith's shops across the district, which is also the poorest.

However, District 13 posed some...complications.

Hades, god of the Underworld and banished Olympian from Mount Olympus, escaped in the chaos. The other Olympians were furious, as they claimed this should not have been possible. Hades insisted that he should take over District 13, as nuclear weapons mean mass destruction and death, and the graphite would be mined underground. But they couldn’t allow this to happen. In order to keep Hades from returning with his trickery and evil, they completely obliterated all of District 13.

Hades was once again banished.

But there were no survivors.

In the confusion that happened as a result of the elimination of the district, there was one last scattering and regrouping of the people. I was separated from Katniss Everdeen and District 12, and my aunt, mother, father, and I ended up in District 10. My father was the dictator under Hera. I haven't seen Katniss since.

When all had settled, the Olympians had to teach us a lesson. During the worst of times, they had seen what we were capable of doing to each other. And what they could do to themselves. So they had to keep us in line. For good.

I hear a faint knock at my door. As I whip my head around, I see my mother poking her head through.

"It’s time to go dear," she nearly whispers.

"Uh huh," is all I barely manage to choke out.

"You look beautiful," my mother muses. Graceful as the wind, she slips through the door and grabs a pink ribbon off of my dresser. With nimble fingers, she laces the ribbon into my long blonde hair.

Unable to control myself, a warm smile creeps up my cheeks. "Thank you."

And so hand in hand, we walk out of the room, heading for the reaping of the 7th Annual Hunger Games.


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