Shout Outs!

Chapter 1

Hey, here are some shout outs!
First of all, I'd like to give a shout out to my best friend! We know each other in person, and we are wonderful friends! Delilah is so nice, so sweet, so awesome, she is a Christian, and she is so wonderful! She has a wonderful personality, and can always make you laugh, so go and friend her please! You will not regret it.
Then there's Mariah, my sister! She is so funny, and random, but not in an annoying way. She has like a load of friends, and it's no wonder why. She makes a lot of friends on here, she has over 1,000! She can make you laugh all the time, and she is so fun to talk to! And yep, she really is my sister!
You are a really awesomely crazy girl! You are sooooo fun to talk with, and you always have something really cool and random to tell me. Plus also you love cats, that is so awesome! But yeah guys, she is really awesome! I LOVE YOU BRIAR!!!!
Looking at your profile is sad, because you don't really get on anymore... But we used to be awesome friends, and we both were in love with One Direction!! You are too awesome, and really nice, and pretty, and I miss you!!!!
Okay, like you are super duper awesome! I can't even say!!! I LOVE talking to you, you always make me smile, and you are just like wonderful! I used to talk to you before, and when you messaged me again, I was all like "Hey awesome! I remember that cool girl!" And I am so glad we are in contact again!
When I really needed someone on my top friends, you were there for me! And now we message, and are awesome friends! You are like so wonderful, and a great friend! You are also really sweet, and so nice.
First things first... I MISS YOU GIRL!!! Why don't we talk? I love you soooo much! You were actually one of my very first best friends on here, and I wish we still were. You were like too great, and we liked a ton of the same things! But really, let's get close again Christina!
TWIN ALERT! TWIN ALERT! Haha, you are awesome! You are a beautiful person inside and out, and we like almost all the same things! Your personality is so awesome, I never met some one quite like you! You are also very mature for your age, I would've thought you were older than me.
It's no wonder that Jenni has so many friends, she is funny, random, sweet, kind, cool, and 100% awesome! You were always a great friend from the beginning, and even though we don't talk too much, I still count you as on of my BFF's!
Then there's Isaiah, who doesn't want me to go over the top with his shout-out. But let's just say he's sweet, and kind, and told me things I never thought I would hear. And I can tell him almost all my problems. There is a lot more I would like to say, but for his sake, I will keep it to myself. But if you ever need someone nice to talk to, I'd recommend Isaiah.
I'm not going to say much at all about this WONDERFUL guy, but I really, really, really love him. He's too great. That is all I will say.

Please don't feel bad if you're not on here, and if you aren't, it's because we don't talk much... I love all of you dearly, and wish I could give each and every one of you a shout out, but I have over 500 friends, so it would be a little hard... But I love you guys, and thank you all.


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