My top 16 friends! :D

All of my friends on Quibblo are really cool to be with. It was a very hard choice to pick my top friends, but I had to choose very carefully and closely.
I hope you enjoy reading guys!

~Daniella :)

Chapter 1

The awesome friends I choose.
You are 1 of the best friends I could ever wish for. I adore our Yugioh Role play we are doing and you always try to help me when I'm down and I always try to help you as well. You make my life better when I talk to you.
Well what can I say? You are one of the most sweetest and kindest people I have ever met. I loved doing our Role plays. You always know how to cheer me up as well and I do love talking to you, a lot.
For 1 thing, you have a great taste in pictures, but another thing, you are just so so sweet and you never ever let me down. I always love to help you when you are feeling down and need help. Need I go on? XD
You are 1 of the best boys I have ever met. I love our conversations, you always are so protective of me and also, you like to give me a lot of hugs. Here's my big big hug to you to say thank you. HUG!
I know you don't come on a lot, but I really do miss you. I loved having our conversation and I wish you can come on more often. The one thing I really do love about you is that you like Yugioh! XD
Well well well, what to say about you? XD
I just love our conversations and I wish we can talk more often. You are a very funny and random girl to be with. Here's to randomness, cheers! XD
Now, what's your favourite food again? I don't know? :/
Lol! I really do hope we can have another chat about cherry's. I miss that convo. Anyway, you are such a random and funny person to talk with and who wouldn't adore you? Who wouldn't?
You are such a great writer, you know that? I always like to give you ideas for your stories and if you need anymore help, just let me know. I do like having our random conversations, like always, and I'm always going to be here to cheer you up.
You are such a sweet, caring and thoughtful girl and I hope we can talk to each other more often. You are even better than some of my other friends at school, that's how caring I am. I know you don't come on here a lot, but I really hope to give you this when you see it. 1 big big hug.
You are 1 of the best story writers I have ever met and I hope you keep it up. I loved reading your stories. You are a kind girl at heart and I know it. I really want to talk to you more and hope to have some funny conversations.
I just love and adore your profile pictures, they are so cute! You are such a protective, sweet, kind and helpful girl. You never ever let me down and if I get upset just a little bit, you make that fade away so quickly.
I know we haven't had the best of lives so far, but we always like to support and help each other the best we can. We are strong, we cannot be defeated! Plus, you really do have a great taste in pictures, I know it!
We may of not talked as much, but I already know that you are 1 of the most helpful and protective people I have ever met. You are such a beautiful people, on the inside and outside. I do hope to talk more often, so please come online.
I am very grateful for all the gothic tips you gave me and I know I'm ready to become a proper goth now. You are such a beautiful person and I wish I had your looks, they are just too awesome, and I really hope you do well in your exams, good luck!
When you have problems, I always try to help the best I can and if you need any help with anything, please just let me know. But really, I think you're a sweet and caring person. Please don't let anybody bring you down.
You are my best friend at School and our friendship will never ever stop. I always love talking about Yugioh with you, duelling, getting tips about duelling and telling our funny jokes. Those memories will stay with me forever.

My apologies if I have missed any of you out. If you wish to be on the list, please let me know and I'll do just that.

Thank you so much guys

~Daniella :)


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