My Views on Love

Specifically, bf-gf/romantic love. What is written here may spark some controversy, but I write what I believe to be true.

Chapter 1

The 5 pieces of the Heart Container

I've seen and heard stories about young people either having a flawed relationship or have failed to get the apple of their eyes. I myself have a crush on this hot babe in my school with a nice personality, smart and capable enough to be a grade rep, and possibly from a rich family. However, not only do we have different interests/hobbies, I'm simply not good enough for her. What does it mean to be good enough? You gotta have it all--good appearance, personality, capability, background/history, and compatible interests/views--yes, they all matter, because if you ask me, true love equals maximum love. To truly love someone (at least romantically), you have to love that person for all he/she is, because a whole person is all those 5 things that I just mentioned combined. I'm sorry if it may discomfort some of you, but it's not impossible to be that kind of "perfect." It may be difficult, but people can try.

Anyway let's talk about each of the 5 aspects:

1) Physical Appearance - This is the first thing one would want to look at because, well, it's the first thing you can really see. "But wait, looks don't matter! Personality does!" Wrong. Well, you're half-right (I'll get to personality later) but looks do matter! Who doesn't want a good looking partner? And if you say you don't, then you're either (1) denying it or (2) only able to appreciate no more than 80% of a person, which isn't the same as appreciating the person him/herself (must be 100%). (And no, I don't believe in what's taught in Shrek or the Beauty and the Beast.) While it's true that one's appearance is tightly based on genetics, it is always helpful for one to at least exercise, live a healthy lifestyle, and maintain a good shape, because all that does contribute to how you look. So if you don't feel good enough about the way you look, it wouldn't hurt to have a healthy lifestyle.

2) Personality - Yes, without a doubt, personality matters. While physical appearance satisfies the surface, you also want your partner to be nice, kind, polite, rational, positive, and/or whatever you might prefer.

3) Capability - Being nice and good-looking aren't enough to satisfy a good relationship. A good relationship will need practical benefits. It makes the most sense for a lady to want a can-do man and for a man to want a lady that can support him anytime. Together, the couple would lead a high quality life while enjoying their relationship. Wouldn't that be great?

4) Background/History - You want to know as much about your partner as possible (if not everything). The best thing would be for him/her to be from a good family, to be innocent and chaste, and have no record of anything scandalous or criminal. It would make a relationship a safe and secure one.

5) Interests/Hobbies/View of things - This is the final deciding factor of whether you are compatible with your partner or not. It may seem similar to personality, but no. You two may both have great personalities but in different ways that may not work well together if you don't see things eye-to-eye. In a relationship, you want to have as little disagreements as possible. The more you can agree, the less stress and conflict you'll have. For that, your best bet would be to find someone who has a lot in common with you, thinks about the way you do, and shares similar interests with you. That way, you two will get along just fine.

In a way, I feel like I'm stating the obvious here, but I'm just sharing my belief. To reiterate, true love must be maximum love. Maximum love means to love someone for all that he/she is, not just parts of him/her, not just a portion. A part/portion of a person does not equal a person. A person is a 100%. A person is body + mind + ability + history + vision. If you're having trouble finding love, hopefully this might answer some questions.


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