Is your boyfriend/girlfriend a psychopath?

A lot of people end up in abusive relationships and they don't even realise it. I want to help y'all realise it. And if you find that you are; you need to try to get out of it. Even if you don't want to.

This post came from the blog standinguptoabuse.

Chapter 1


by: Apathy_
Do most of these facts match your partner’s behavior or personality If so, you could be in a relationship with a psychopath.

Superficial Charm:
They tend to have a smooth, charm that is very slick, not in the least bit shy, have no sense of self-consciousness and are rarely at a loss for words.

Big ego:
Psychopaths are normally cocky, arrogant opinionated people. They have a belief that their abilities are better than everyone else’s, tend to be self-assured and believe they are superior to others.

Requires consistent stimulation:
Most psychopaths are prone to extreme boredom and do not have much in terms of self-discipline. They need to do thrilling, exciting and often dangerous things to keep their interest. They usually struggle to finish tasks that they believe are dull and find it difficult to hold down the same job for a while.

Pathological Lying:
At best, they lie only moderately by using their skills of deception to be cunning, sly and clever. At their worst, they will be deceitful, manipulative, very dishonest and very determined.

They tend to exploit people for their own personal gain by cheating the other person’s trust in them, exposing their carelessness towards the victim’s feelings.

Lack of guilt:
Psychopaths don’t feel a great sense of remorse to other people, and will not show it unless to manipulate the other person. They tend to be dispassionate lack empathy and cold-hearted.

Limited range of feelings that do not run deeply. Often very cold and uncaring.

Financial exploitation:
Manipulating people by living off another person’s financial situation, exploiting their money.

Poor control in terms of behavior:
They have short temper, cannot control their anger, easily showing signs of impatience, aggression, annoyance and irritability causing them to use threats, verbal abuse and act rashly.

Promiscuous behavior:
They tend to go into a number of affairs, selection of sexual partners, and maintaining more than one relationship at the same time. Some do have a history of rape or try to make people to go into sexual activity. They also enjoy showing off about their sexual conquests. They also have a lack of commitment to long term relationships, turning out to be unreliable and inconsistent making it difficult for their partner to depend on them.

Behavior problems at an early age:
They start developing bad behaviour at an early age; bullying, lying, thieving alcohol use, running away from home, causing a lot of mischief.

Impulsive and irresponsible actions:
They cannot resist temptations and frustrations. Not planning ahead, can behave rashly and unpredictably in a reckless manner. Failing to complete commitments and meet honor agreements, such as refusing to pay bills, sloppy work and being absent at work often.

Failing to accept responsibility:
Showing a failure to accept their mistakes through manipulation and self denial.

Involvement in crime:
They can be likely to perform a range of criminal activities. Even if arrested and convicted, they take a huge pride in escaping or getting away with their offenses.


Guys, if you think you're in an abusive relationship, whether it be physical or psychological, or both, you need to try to get out of it. I understand that it's hard. I understand that it's scary. But it'll get progressively worse as time goes on.

If you ever feel the need to talk about it, I'm always here. Even if we've never spoken before.

~Jenni xxx


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