Do I Hate You!?!?!?

Chapter 1

Well, go on and read...

No, of course I do not hate you, it's such a strong word, but I may be annoyed at you if you do this...

1: Try to seek attention.

2: Say you're ugly when you know you're very good looking.

3. Message me, and then I answer, and I see your online, and you never reply.

4. When you say dumb random things like cheese unicorn poop!

5. Make a story called 'Friend Request' to try and trick you.

6. Tell everyone you are going to delete for good, and then make a new account the next day.

7. Comment something rude on your story, and then rate it 1 star for nothing.

8. Correct your spelling mistakes. (Know it all...)

9. Say it is everyone's fault that they are committing suicide, when I had nothing to do with it.

10. Send you the same quiz/story multiple times in a row.

Thanks for reading people. And do any of you agree with me? Are any of these 10 things annoying to you too?


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