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Chapter 1

Info :)

by: _evee_
IMPORTANT NOTE: these sign-ups are NOT first come, first serve. I will pick the people with the best characters

Okay, so there are 8 MAIN elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Love, Hate, Love, Death) They basically hate each other. But one person from each element is sent to spy on The MAIN element: Universe. They all meet up, and form a temporary alliance. Because lately Universe has been messing up the order of everything! The elements must find a way to stop them, and find a way to get along.

Water: they live in the water (seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, etc.)
Fire: they live on the sun, along with the minor elements Light and Heat
Earth: They live in all natural sources (Gardens, Forests, etc.)
Air: They live in the skies, with the minor element Wind.
Love: They live in places that show strong senses of love around
Hate: They live in hateful places ( like prison)
Life: They live among us people in exotic islands (Easter Island, Maui)
Death: They live in graveyards, and cemeteries

IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone who has a little free time, please fill in a character form. I need to use your characters :) But, please make them from minor elements (Think of your own), and clearly state that you're not signing up to be an author.

How to form Your Character:

Full Name:
Element: (You can't do Air)
Looks: you can use a link, but describe them at least a bit in your own words
Exact Location:
Age: (12-16)
Special Gift: (Differs based on what element, look at mine for idea)
Least liked major element: (Fire, Water, Earth, etc.)

My Character:
Name: Sheila Windie Breezeblow
Gender: Female
Element: Air
Personality: Calm, Collected, Cool, Graceful, Quiet, Relaxed
Looks: Light flowing straight brown hair, clear Blue-Grey eyes, Tall, skinny,
Exact Location: Never had one. Always on the move
Age: 13
Strengths: Sneaking, keeping secrets, running, being unnoticed, fleeing
Weaknesses: Remaining still, Fighting combat, being in the spotlight
Special Gift: Running very fast, flying and jumping really high
Least Liked Major Element: Fire
Other: Sheila is an orphan, she lives by herself and moves often from a lot of different air regions. She has always dreamed of finding a real supporting family.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If I use your character OR you're one of the authors, I WILL notify you by messaging you!

And if you have ANY questions, PLEASE ask in the comments! Because I seriously feel like I forgot something....

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