Back For You (Again & Again) Harry Styles Love Story

Hope you all enjoy this. Haven't wrote in a while, thought it would be nice to get back into writing. Thank you so much for taking your time and reading this. Comment if you'd like, it would be greatly appreciated. xx

Chapter 1

Lights & Sirens (Chapter One)

The traffic was terrible (as usual), in the city of Seattle, Washington that Friday night. Rain hit the windshield with a soft touch and let you know that yes, it was going to be another long... loud night. You were taking your 5 year old daughter, Kennidy, to her first ever One Direction concert. She was overboard excited and could barely sit still in her car seat.
It had been a long year for the both of you. Your boyfriend, also the father of Kennidy, had walked out on you for your brother, yes your brother. You had never realized that he was into other "people" that way. To say the least, you were just a bit shocked. You were living off of 1500 dollars a month, living in a small apartment on the north side of Seattle. Life was tough, and this concert was not easy to pay for, but you knew that Kennidy deserved this night.
You pulled off at the exit reading "Key Arena" and managed to find a parking spot in less than a half hour. It was packed and a sold out crowd. You ended up having to carry Kennidy up to the Ticket place, due to her out of hand excitement spasms that caused her to run at a rate that you couldn't manage. You smiled at the man behind the booth and handed him both the tickets you had printed off at a website that gave you the best deal. The man looked up at you with a confused look.
"Ma'am you do realize these are expired tickets, don't you?
"No that must be a mistake, they clearly said the correct date. I- I made sure of it." He shook his head and handed the tickets back to you. "These aren't acceptable. I'm very sorry."
You tried to argue with him, but after about 10 minutes you were escorted by security to the parking lot. You and Kennidy sat on the curb in the drizzle till the end of the concert, crying for two total separate reasons. You were crying because you let your daughter down and your baby girl was crying because she didn't get to see her favorite band. It was a bad night. Just when you two had given up and headed back to your car, you see a big tour bus coming down the parking lot. There were tons of girls following it. Kennidy's eyes lit up and she ran after it. Danger crept into your heart as she didn't go behind it like the rest of the girls... she went in front of it. You sprinted after her and pushed her out of the way and put yourself in front of the bus, instead of her. Everything went blank. To Be Continued....

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