Chapter 1


by: Apathy_
This sadness will always win
I'll always let the demons in
It's really not on purpose, you know
I really wish it didn't show
And no one is as strong as they like to pretend
No one is quite that easy to mend
I wasn't as strong as I made you think
I ended up breaking in just one blink
I warned you I hurt the ones that I love
And hurting people is something I'm very sick of
No matter how hard I try I can't seem to stop
Making people fall from their very top
Everyone has a monster inside
My monster doesn't want to try to hide
Sleepless nights and darkest dreams
But nothing is ever as it seems
You think I'm happy? Good, I am
(My door to happiness was long ago slammed)
It runs in the family, didn't you know?
I'm not just a freak to put on show
The demons are running through my veins
And out of my body my life's blood drains.

~Jenni xxx


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