The Girl Down The Road.

The Girl Down The Road.

this is a story of a girl that i love....

Chapter 1

The Girl Down The road.

I have this beautiful girl that lives down the road from me. she makes me happy when she is near, and when i see her beautiful face and smile i could just go crazy.she has a huge heart that i want to win over so very much. if only she knew how i feel about her. if only she knew. if only she knew that she is the only girl that i think about, and how bad i want to make her mine. she is so fun to be around, nice, funny, cute, and amazing. there is no other girl like her, she is one of a kind. can you please just be mine to love and care for? i have no fear to knock on her door to see if shes there. i want to make you happy and never sad. if she is sad, that is really bad, she had to stay glad, and ill try my best to make it sowhen i see her go, i feel so alone without her. i want her, i need her, i want to be with her forever. i cant lie, when im with her i feel high, like im in the clouds and i never want to come might ask, who makes me feel this way? you. you make me feel this way!!


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