ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!

ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!

This is who I am.....PROUD!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

The REAL Me!!!!

Name: Rachael Alisa Jacob

Hair Color: Dark Brown and ANNOYINGLY long....

Height: 5'7 or 174 cm...

Favorite things to do: Let's see...Jam on my piano & guitar, sing, read, homework (Yeah...I know I'm retarded), playing volley, softball, cricket, touch, rugby & netball, going to church, worshipping God and being ME!!!!!!

Turn Ons: Good personality, great sense of humour, smart, can play an instrument or sing and attractive...I like it LIKE THAT HEY WINDOWS DOWN...Oh, & biggest turn on is BLUE EYED BLACK HAIR GUYS!!!!! YUM!!!!

Turnoffs: Idk....Probably short & stubby guys???? I seriously don't know...

Reason Behind Username: Because I AM 2_COOL_4_Skool.....LIKE A BOSS!!!!

Worst Thing I've ever done: Idk

Best thing I've ever done: Idk

WELL, THAT'S ME!!!!!!! RACH!!!!! Laterz peepz!!!

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