The Hall Monitor (DR Fanfic)

Crappy title.. Since I love Ishimaru Kiyotaka so much, I wanna write a fanfic about him. Enjoy~

Chapter 1

New Kid

A/N: Before I begin, I'd like to introduce my character to make things easier for me.

Name: Tawaraya Kosaku (I did this last name then first name)
Gender: Female
Birth Date: February 29
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Appearance: Shoulder-length dark brown hair pulled back into a small ponytail across her left shoulder, bangs are straight across her forehead, dark brown eyes, small in bust and overall size. Wears oval glasses, a white dress shirt with long sleeves rolled up, a red plaid skirt, black suspenders, white knee-high socks, and brown dress shoes.
Personality: Usually reserved and quiet, but occasionally has small outbursts of happiness and excitement. Follows rules and what's told to her, and passes school with A's and B's. In her free time, Kosaku usually reads fanfiction or manga, watches anime, bakes, or gardens.
Talents: Baking, gardening, sewing

A/N: That's pretty much it for my OC, so let's get this show on the road

Tawaraya Kosaku walked through the doors to the new school she was starting, which was one of the most elite high schools in Japan. Since she's brainy, she was given an invitation to go there. The only problem for her was she was away from her family, but she knew it was for the best. Besides, Kosaku was only a few cities away from where she lived, so if she wanted to visit during break, she could go there and it would only take a few hours. Kosaku still missed them all immensely.

The high school was large; right when you walked in, to the left was the main office, to the right was the theater (which also served as the auditorium), down the hallway that stretched behind the office and theater was recreational rooms, classrooms, and the cafeteria. Straight ahead was a giant door, behind the door led to another building where the large dormitories were, which held two people, usually of the same gender. Kosaku went to the main office, receiving her schedule and the dorm room she was in. While there, she also got her school uniform which consisted of a blue blazer, white dress shirt, blue and black plaid miniskirt, and black dress shoes. Students were allowed to accessorize, as long as it didn't change the uniform completely.

As Kosaku looked at the skirt, she looked up at the secretary that ran the front desk.

"Excuse me, Nakanoi-san but is this the right size skirt for me? I thought they would be a bit.. longer..."

The secretary glanced at her, then returned her attention to the computer screen. "Yes, Miss. Tawaraya, that is the proper skirt for your grade."

"B-but this school is so prestigious.. I expected something around knee-length."

"You are allowed to accessorize, just don't go outside of the student handbook."

Kosaku looked back down at the tiny piece of fabric, then left reassuringly with her new belongings. She went into the back building to go to her dorm. Since it was still quite early in the morning, Kosaku expected her roommate to be sound asleep. Her only hope was that the person she'd be sharing a room with until graduation was kind to her, and that she would treat her with respect.

When she started putting the key into the hole, she could hear screaming and chanting. The voice was too masculine to belong to a female. That's when Kosaku started to worry.

She opened the door, only to be greeted by a male with black hair, red eyes, long eyebrows, and wearing a white school uniform. (If you want to see an official picture of him, here's a link:

The man, after stretching and exercising, turned to Kosaku and panicked. "Wha?!?! Are you sure you're in the right room?! I thought the new student was a male!!"

Kosaku assuaged her new roommate as she walked in. "Yeah, I expected my roommate to be a girl.. No wonder why one of the teachers told me that they would be a little bit too much to handle, and they kept saying 'he'. The secretary said as she handed me the key that it was the only room left, and the reason it was kept aside was because it was asked upon request by the hall monitor to have their own room. I guess now we know why we share a room. Oh, by the way, I'm Tawaraya Kosaku."

"I'm Kiyotaka Ishimaru! I'm the hall monitor here, and I enforce the rules inside and outside of the school!" He extended his arm out to shake her hand. As they shook hands, he continued talking. "Kosaku-chan, let's make the most out of this strange predicament and become friends!"

Ishimaru shook her hand furiously. "Sure, Ishimaru-san. It would be best for this situation. Should I start unpacking my belongings?"

He nodded his head as he stepped out of the doorway. "Yes, yes! We must keep our room clean, it's not like a bunch of barn animals live here!" Kosaku looked Ishimaru up and down, noticing how tall he was, his boots.. and his hips. She felt herself blush a little.

"S-so, this is my bed, right?" She pointed to the twin-sized bed with navy blue sheets. That whole side of the room looked abandoned, but well-kept at the same time.

Ishimaru put his hands on his hips. "Indeed it is, Kosaku-chan! I cleaned the room twice yesterday since I was expecting a roommate!"

"Oh, how kind of you.. So, Ishimaru-san, what do you do in your free time?" Kosaku tried making small talk so the atmosphere wouldn't be as strange.

"I study!"

"...That's it? Surely you must do more, there's so many activities here!"

"Well, I go to the gym every once in awhile, and I like debating. Do you like debating?!"

"What kind of debating? I mean, what topics?"

Ishimaru put a finger on his chin. "Government, politics, events in Japan, every once in awhile a debacle at school of some sort.."

Kosaku started groaning as she organized her manga collection on the bookshelf. "I hate politics.. No one ever agrees on anything, and then everyone is against whatever your opinion is..."

"But that's why you debate!"

"No one would have to debate if we got along!"

Ishimaru grinned at her. "We just had a small and quick debate! How wonderful!"

Kosaku smiled. "Yeah, I guess."

Ishimaru sat on his bed and watched Kosaku organize her items. "So, Kosaku-chan, what do you do in your free time?"

"Uh, well I usually read manga, watch anime, bake, sew, or garden. The secretary told me there's a beautiful and large patch of grass in the back where students are allowed to plant their amazing flowers, vegetables, or trees. Doesn't that sound perfect?"

"Yes! It does! What sorts of goods can you bake?"

"Mainly cakes and desserts. I can make you something later, if you'd like."

"That would be lovely! Is dinnertime okay? Breakfast is in another hour, and I never start off the day with sugary baked goods."

Kosaku nodded as she stood up. "Sure, that sounds fine." She picked up the uniform off of the bed, mentally scolding herself. This is the main reason she didn't want to share a room with a man. "I, uh, kinda need to change real quick.. Do you mind stepping outside for a few minutes? I won't be too long."

"Of course! Just knock on the door when you're done!" Ishimaru quickly walked outside and shut the door softly.

After Kosaku changed, she added her pair of white knee-highs, even though it didn't make much of a difference. She ambled over to the door, opening it.

Ishimaru walked in with a frown on his face. "Kosaku-chan! I told you to knock on the door! Don't make that a habit, because then I'll have to give you a detention, and I would hate to give my friend a detention!"

"O-okay, I'll keep that in mind next time. Shall we head off to breakfast?" Kosaku started tugging on the skirt to try to make it longer.

"Yes! Kosaku-chan, don't do that to your school uniform! You'll tear it!"

"B-but it's so skimpy! It shows too much skin!"

"It may, but it's still a school uniform! Have mercy on it!"

Kosaku sighed in defeat. She stopped tugging and made her way out the door to the cafeteria, walking with Ishimaru.

So far, she didn't think he was such a bad guy for a hall monitor.

A/N: Sorry not much happens, but more stuff will.~ Ishimaru is such a cutie-pie, isn't he?

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