The Redd Diaries: The Goblet of Fire

The Redd Diaries: The Goblet of Fire

I've been working hard on this. I'll try to stick to the original story as best I can.
Name: Liliella Redd
Age: 14
House: Slytherin
Year: 4

DISCLAIMER: I in no way, shape or form have any rights to the Harry Potter characters or books. This was not meant as plagiarism, I am simply writing my wild fantasies down.

Chapter 8

Everything Goes North in Transfiguration & Care of Magical Creatures

"Hello class." Professor McGonagall says as she enters the room.

McGonagall startled me so much I dropped Draco's hand quickly folded both mine on top of the table. Draco turned abruptly to stare at me, and I gestured toward the professor.

"I expect you all to be as courteous and attentive this year as you have been in years past. Transfiguration is serious business, not a joke. However, first I'd like to go around the room and discuss what you all would like to do when you are finished here. We'll start in the back with Miss Redd." McGonagall announced quickly, the bottom hem of her burgundy robes swayed when she pointed at my table.

I know I turned thirty shades of red when everyone in class turned suddenly to hear my answer. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat and cleared my throat.

"We-" I started.

"Stand, please, Miss Redd." McGonagall says sternly. I peaked over at Draco, who was grinning in the most arrogant way. His blond hair tousled effortlessly, his grey eyes light. He liked watching me flounder.

Slowly I made it to my feet, my knees and ankles buckling. I clutch the table top for support, and every eye in the room watched me intently.

"Well professor, I'd like to be a metal charmer." I whisper. I hear several snickers from around the room. My cheeks burn bright red as I stand awkwardly, waiting for McGonagall to let me sit.

"Why do you think that would be a good fit for you, miss Redd?" McGonagall asked with sincere curiosity. Every pair of eyes burrowed into my flesh as they awaited my response.

"B-because I'm good at charms." I studded, my voice was horse and low, and everyone snickered again quietly.

"Better than good the way I understand it, miss Redd. You may take your seat." McGonagall says with a half smile. Her kind words calm me, and I gently sit in my chair.

"And what about you, Mr. Malfoy? What are your plans after Hogwarts?" McGonagall asks in such a way that even I'm offended.

I peak over at Draco, who is completely at ease. He stands with grace, and an arrogance that was positively intoxicating. How attractive he was with his hands buried in his pockets, his hair perfectly tousled, and his eyes bright with undeniable pride. Wow.

"I'll work in the ministry, just as my father." Draco grinned happily. In return I flashed him a proud smile, but he ignored me.

McGonagall stared at him oddly, as though she knew something no one else did. She nodded stiffly, and forced a small smile before moving on to the table to our left.

Draco leaned into my right side and whispered, "Why are you taking Double Divination?"

"Rose and I wanted a class together." I reply quietly. McGonagall called on a Ravenclaw girl who was all to happy to tell everyone her plans.

"Why? I thought you hated her?" Draco says quietly. I shoot him a shocked look, sudden annoyance pricking at me.

"Of course I don't hate her! She's my twin sister for goodness sake! I've spent every waking moment with her since birth! She just annoys me is all!" I whisper a little too loudly, and McGonagall shushes us as she calls on a boy from my house.

"I'm sorry if I upset you." Draco says after a minute. I sit silent for a few moments, making sure McGonagall was preoccupied with other things.

"I'm not upset." I whisper while tracing the shapes on the cover of my book with my eyes.

"Are you happy with it?" Draco asks in a tone that is as smooth as silk.

"Of course." I reply, trying and failing to sound as seductive as he had. His face contorts in annoyance at my answer.

"Well you should have taken Double Potions with Tanya and I." He says impatiently. I glare at him silently as McGonagall calls on the very last person in class.

"I've already told you Draco, I'm terrible at potions. Why would I want another potions class?"

I've never been like this before meeting Draco. Letting my feelings get the better of me. I'm the type of girl that bottles everything up until I'm in private. In which case I usually released it all in a fit of crying and throwing things. Though nothing ever broke, I wasn't that strong.

"I could have been your tutor. And perhaps you could have been my Muggle Studies tutor. I absolutely despise that class, but since I'm being forced to take it, I may as well pass it so I need not take it over next year." Draco scowled, but he still sounded as arrogant as ever. I giggled slightly, and Draco smiled.

"I can tutor you regardless, Draco. " I say quietly as McGonagall announces which page to turn to in our books.

The scent of fresh parchment wafted up into my face as I flipped through the unused pages of my book. The scent delighted me in the best kind of way, and I inhaled deeply. This was the first new book I'd ever gotten for school. Not that my mother had intended on purchasing two identical unused books, but the few used copies the store in Diagon Alley had were bought up by the time my mother had gotten around to taking us shopping. She'd been furious, and I'd secretly cursed her for making such a scene in public where my schoolmates could see.

"Are you, s-single?" Draco suddenly stuttered quietly. The question brought me back to the present, and my cheeks instantly flushed red with embarrassment.

"Why do you ask?" I reply with sincere confusion.

Draco is quiet a minute. The hair on his arms stood on end, his nostrils were flared, and his eyes were wide as they searched for the right thing to say. I waited, holding in my sheer impatience. I drummed my fingers lightly on the table, letting him know I was still waiting. After another minute he spoke.

"Because I wanted to know if perhaps you'd like to go, well you know. Go on a date?" He desperately tried to sound his usual cocky arrogant self, but his voice cracked on the last word. This was a side of Draco I'd never seen before. He was, nervous. Nervous about me? But why?

"I'd love to, Draco." I whisper breathlessly, not sure what else to say. His body instantly relaxes, and he sucks in a breath of air.

"Right then. Meet me in the common room tonight at nine thirty." He smiles. I shift my gaze to McGonagall for a moment, who is enthusiastically instructing the class on how to turn a guinea pig to a guinea fowl.

I nod hazily. I wasn't quite sure what had just happened. Were we a certified couple now? Or were we still working up to that? I'd never had a boyfriend before, so this whole encounter was foreign to me. So should I ask him? But what if the question offended him? Oh God, dating was so confusing.

After a few more minutes of inner monologing, I decided I had to ask him. Yes I may die of embarrassment, but it had to be done. "So does this mean we're a couple?" I asked meekly.

"You mean are you my girlfriend? Well yeah, you said yes didn't you?" And The usual Draco Malfoy was back, all cocky and arrogant. A sly smile played at his lips, and he casually extended his arm across the back of my chair. His cologne wafted into my face by the action and I inhaled deeply.

When class was over I despised the thought of having to face Rose and her stupid friends. At least Fae wouldn't be there, though I knew I'd see her at meal time where she'd grill me about what happened last night.

Draco and I made our way through the corridors toward Hagird's hut. I stayed glued to his right side and reveled in the awed stares I received in return. He pushed smaller students out of our way, insulting them as we passed. I'd never been so recognized before in the four years I'd been here. It was exhilarating.

We rounded a corner, where we found Tanya, Crabbe and Goyle huddled in a tight triangle.They laughed loudly as we approached. Tanya quickly waved us over with glee when she spotted us. We stood around and laughed loudly, waiting until the very last second before we had to go to the big oaf's class.

I saw Faelynn pass us with a few of her Quidditch friends. She had her strawberry blond hair blown out in loose curls, and a tiny amount of eyeliner with a touch of clear lip gloss on. Her uniform was perfectly fitting to her thin yet muscular body. She was beautiful. She shamed all other girls she neared, and it infuriated me.

Fae looked right past me. The hate radiated off her and her friends, and she pushed by when Alice and Tanya got in her face. For some reason I sought a retaliation to her silent slam.

"Sure you don't have anything to say, Fae?" I spit. Several people standing in the corridor turned to see if there would be a fight. Draco laughed appreciatively.

Faelynn turned back to look at me for a moment, and then she turned around stuck her nose in the air and continued on.

"Oh, that hurts! I'll simply never get over this!" I hollered dramatically, throwing my head back and placing the back of my right hand over my forehead. Draco laughed, and somehow the sound pleased me the way nothing else could.

After another moment of standing around we decided to make our way toward our lesson. Crabbe and Goyle walked on Draco's left, where Alice and Tanya walked on my right side.

"What's going on with you and Draco?" Tanya whispered in my ear.

Her french perfume fogged my senses, and I floundered to link a proper sentence. She really needed to lighten up on that stuff.

"We're dating, I suppose." I whisper. Tan and Alice's jaw both dropped in unison.

"Really? Lily, oh my gosh!" Alice said excitedly, and Draco's head snapped toward us.

"What?" He asked sternly. I squeezed his fingers lightly, and his scowl lightened a bit. But he stayed persistent.

"Nothing, we were just talking about girl stuff." Tanya interjected quickly. Draco rolled his eyes, but quickly went back to his own conversation.

"I know, huh? He just out of the blue asked me last lesson. It was rather sudden." I whispered, smiling inwardly at the memory of Draco as a nervous school boy. Then my smile cracked when I realized I'd probably never see him like that again.

"Oh God Lily! I'm so happy for you!" Tanya whispered quietly this time.

Hagrid stood outside his hut with several large wooden crates at his feet. He held his mutt's collar tightly in his right hand, keeping him from the crates. Good God, I could only imagine what this big idiot had in store for us.

"Draco, what is that stench?" I asked as we approached. Draco's face turned up in a scowl, but he shrugged and said nothing.

Rose stood with her back to me, pressed close into Hermione's side. Their arms were tightly locked together, and I sneered at the sight. How dare she. Then suddenly Draco stopped and I slammed into his side. He never turned to look down at me, but I muttered an apology.

On'y jus' hatched," Hagrid said. "so yeh'll be able ter raise 'em yerselves! Thought it we'd make a bit of a project out of it!" I sneered again. Why on Earth would Dumbledore make us listen to an uneducated oaf go on and on about such unimportant things?

"And why would we want to raise them?" Draco asked coldly. Everyone turned abruptly to stare at us, and I shifted slightly when Rose's eyes landed on our locked fingers.

Hagrid looked positively stumped by Draco's question. His whiskers twitched with confusion, and I rolled my eyes. Was he really that stupid? I mean, for Merlin's sake he was supposed to be teaching us! Draco sighed quietly, but continued.

"I mean, what do they do? What is the point of them?"

Hagrid opened his mouth, obviously thinking hard. He was silent for a few moments, then answered in a gravelly voice, "That's next lesson, Malfoy. Yer jus' feedin' 'em today. Now," He turned from us to the Gryffindor students. "yeh'll wan' ter try 'em on a few diff'rent things- I've never had 'em before, not sure what they'll go fer- I got ant eggs an' frog livers an' a bit o' grass snake- just try 'em out with a bit of each."

Draco and I sauntered up to the crates, and I gasped in disgust. Thy were like deformed lobsters without shells. They were nastily pale and slimy looking, with what could only be legs jetting out in every direction with no heads that I could see. Each looked about six inches long, maybe a bit longer.

Goyle and Draco sneered in disgust and went off a few feet to talk by themselves. Draco looked, worried? I shook it off, it's probably nothing.

"What exactly are these?" I asked no one in particular. Lavender Brown, a fourth year Gryffindor looked at me with the same disgusted expression I wore.

"I think Hagrid called them Blast-Ended Skrewts." She said. I wondered why they were called that only for a moment, and then sparks flew from one and I jumped back in horror.

"Erugh!" I yelped. Lavender giggled slightly, and I did so as well. She wasn't so bad, I supposed.

"You go first." She said with a smile. I laughed, but gestured for her to go ahead.

"Age before beauty, dear." I say sarcastically. We laughed at each other's disgust as we each stuck our hands into the barrels of livers and eggs.

Then suddenly I was grabbed on each of my arms and spun around to a crate opposite the one I'd just been at. Tanya glared at me with burning eyes, and I turned my head to Lavender. She looked positively confused, and I threw her an apologetic smile. She smiled back, being careful not to catch Tanya's eye.

"What were you doing talking to Lavender Brown?" Draco asked, standing across from me with a disgusted look on his face. I wasn't sure if it was because of Lavender or the fact that chopped grass snake hung between his fingers.

"Why not talk to Lavender Brown? I'm allo-" Tanya interjected.

"Because she's a goodie-two-shoes Gryffindor, that's why." She spit at me. I swallowed the words that pressed against my teeth. So I wasn't allowed to talk to anyone who wasn't a Slytherin, got it.

"Here Lil, start feeding these things." Draco said with reluctance. But I knew he wanted to distract me, and I let him. I silently reveled in his newly acquired nickname for me. Slowly I stuck my hand in the barrel of ant eggs and shivered in disgust.

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