The Redd Diaries: The Goblet of Fire

The Redd Diaries: The Goblet of Fire

I've been working hard on this. I'll try to stick to the original story as best I can.
Name: Liliella Redd
Age: 14
House: Slytherin
Year: 4

DISCLAIMER: I in no way, shape or form have any rights to the Harry Potter characters or books. This was not meant as plagiarism, I am simply writing my wild fantasies down.

Chapter 1


Welcome!Finally the day I'd been waiting for had come. The day I go back to school. Now with my eleven year old brother, Tevon, in tow. He was extra special to me since I only had the one brother. But I also had three sisters.

My older sister, Faelynn, was starting her sixth year. Skyla was the youngest, as she had just turned ten. She so badly wanted to come with us to school. We tried to lift her spirits by telling her she'd be there next year, but it did little to cheer her up. Roselle and I are fraternal twins. In our case we have the same birthday and that's pretty much all that's the same about the two of us.

Roselle was fortunate enough to take after our mother. She had curly, strawberry blond hair that hung in perfect spiral ringlets down to the middle of her back and bright blue eyes. Roselle had naturally flawless porcelain skin and perfectly plump lips. She had beautiful curves on a petite little frame. Puberty was doing her well. It gave her beautifully rounded hips, a small waist, and a rather large top portion.

I, on the other hand, took after our father. I had long, pin straight, black hair that hung boringly to my lower back. My hazel eyes stood out against my pale complexion. Thankfully, I had been blessed with the same round lips and small frame as Roselle. But sadly I was without much of any shape. My body was rather flat and frail. I had thin arms, a thin waist, tiny hips and my top portion was seriously lacking. Fae always liked to cracking the joke that I was the odd ball out. She always said I looked like a Slytherin and that's why the hat sorted me there.

That's not to say I don't like my house. Because I do. But from the moment my sister and I received our acceptance letters I had dreamed about being a Gryffindor. The day the sorting hat put me in Slytherin I could have keeled over.

"Liliella! Kick your butt into overdrive! You're going to make your brother and your sisters miss the train at this rate!" My mother called.

My mother was from America. Sioux Falls, South Dakota to be exact. My mom had gotten a job as a nurse in London when Roselle and I were seven. Our father passed away three days before my sister and I were supposed to leave for our first year at Hogwarts. I didn't even want to go to school at that point, but my mother made me. Perhaps that's why I'm Slytherin, because the Sorting Hat could see my anger and resentment. My father was a pureblood, and my mother is a muggle. But we, meaning their children, keep that a very deep, dark secret.

But I love my mother to death. She is so bright and beautiful. She's like the sun, she can warm up any place. But I hate when she comes with us when we leave for school. I can tell she tries hard to fit in and look like one of us. And it must work because in the now four years I've been going to school at Hogwarts no one has ever accused us of being mudbloods. And the five of us would like to keep it that way. Which is why we all try desperately to walk several feet behind her in the train station.

"What house do you think I'll get sorted into?" Tevon asks as we approach our gateway to platform 9 3/4.

I suppose Tevon and Skyla were a mixture of my father and mother. Tevon had the strawberry blond hair, but it was as straight as it could get. His eyes were the same as mine and my father's, bright hazel. Tevon's lips were thin like our father's, and his frame was the same as well. So I suppose he takes after our father more than our mother.

However, Skyla was just the opposite. She had choppy, jet black ringlets that hung just to her shoulders. Sky was round like Rose had been at her age. I could tell she'd be the same curvy figure that Roselle and Faelynn were. She had father's thin lips, but my mother's bright blue eyes. We all knew she'd be a beauty when she got older.

Tevon runs his hand through is hair for the thousandth time today. He'd had his hair cut a couple of days ago to just an inch long on top and a quarter inch on the sides. Tevon's hair before was long and absolutely ghastly. I shiver at the memory of his long strawberry hair. Today he wore baggy, dark blue jeans and a long sleeved blue tee shirt.

"Perhaps you'll be sorted into Slytherin house." I tease.

I know he wants me to tell him he's sure to be sorted into Ravenclaw house. Which is exactly why I'm telling him he won't be. No, I'm not at all sure why he would want to be a horrid Ravenclaw. He does indeed think he's smarter than all of us put together. But Roselle thinks that too, and she has no desire to be a backstabbing Ravenclaw.

"I certainly hope not." He gives me a dirty look as he pushes his cart of belongings. His toad, Robin, croaks at me as Faelynn runs at the wall to get to our platform.

"I can't believe you got that slimy thing." I say.

"I can't believe mother let you get that slimy thing." Roselle chimes in.

Roselle had a tabby cat she affectionately named Babe. I had a barn owl. Which impressively I named Barney. I suppose you have to cut me some slack, I was an emotionally unstable eleven year old. Barney was my only friend for more than half my first year.

Roselle was next, and then Tevon. Each of them saying their goodbyes before going. Mother got misty eyed as she said goodbye to Tevon. When it was my turn she hugged me close.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do." She laughs. Her American accent making me smile.

"I wouldn't dare." I say. Before I go I hug her one more time.

"Be careful." And with those two words I'm thrown into another vision.

I see crowds cheering, people laughing, an announcer telling us the score. There's a big lake, and I see four people. One looks younger than the rest, but I can't make out facial features of any of them. One is more valiant than the others, the younger one I think. I see one return with a body but I can't tell if they're alive or not. The younger one returns with two bodies before being pulled back down under water. And then I return to the present.

"Lily are you alright?" My mother asks.

I quickly nod my head and my mother pats me on the back lightly before taking a step back. I quickly hug Sky, and wish her a good year.

"Write me?" She asks.

"Every week. As always. See you at Christmas." I hug her one last time, take a couple steps back, check to make sure no one is watching, and charge toward the brick wall. No one knows about the visions. No one can ever know.

When we four arrive everyone had boarded the train besides us. Quickly we rush to the loading dock where they collect our things and we quickly flash our tickets to the man, I'm not sure what his official title was, and clamber onto the train.

As soon as we're on everyone goes their separate ways. Roselle and Faelynn join the Gryffindor compartment. But Tevon sticks close to me. He grasps my left wrist tightly as we squeeze through the tight crowds of students. I quickly spot a compartment with three other first year students, and Tevon stares up at me with wide eyes.

"Here, everywhere else is full. You sit here." I tell him as I pull my wrist out of his grasp.

I hand him his bag, and Tevon reluctantly slides the glass door open and asks to sit. The three happily except him. I wander around aimlessly until I find Tanya and Alice in a much larger compartment.

"Lily!" They both shriek at the same time. "You look great!" Tanya exclaims. I look down at my tight black jeans and Slytherin Quidditch sweatshirt.

"So do you." I smile.

Tanya had been my roommate for the last three years. She was like me, wishing she could have been a Gryffindor. But as I said before, I like my house.

About an hour passed without anything special happening. Alice, Tanya, and I chatted mindlessly about being finally old enough to go on the trips to Hogsmeade, although we'd been able to go since last year. We were glad to know we weren't the babies anymore. We didn't quite need as much babysitting from our professors.

Then suddenly from the compartment next to ours was a loud thud against the wall opposite to the three of us. We each looked at each other with wide eyes. After a moment there was another thud, louder than the first by far. I stood, listening.

"Do you hear it?" I whisper.

"How could we miss it." Alice gives me an annoyed look. I lightly blush.

From around the corner came Roselle, and I quickly waved her in.

"Lily, it's Tevon. Come on!" She drags me along into the neighboring compartment.

This compartment is quite a bit bigger. It was probably a six foot by six foot room, with about twenty five students crammed into it. Among them was a group of boys from my house. I see Crabb and Goyle, and my cheeks turn a bright shade of crimson when I see Draco Malfoy. They're all laughing hysterically at something. I push my way through when I see Tevon pulling himself to his feet. I'm only confused for only a moment when Draco shoves him as hard as he can. Tevon's frail body slams against the wall of the compartment and Draco breaks out into hysterical laughter as Tevon begins to cry.

"Stop!" I yell. The whole compartment goes quiet. All eyes are on me, and Draco sums me up with a cool gaze.

"What are you going to do about it?" His eyes met mine for just a split second, and for a moment I would've melted had the circumstances been different.

I push through the crowd to stand in between Tevon and Draco. I stand still for just a moment before shoving Draco back as hard as my slim arms will allow. He flies back into Crabb and Goyle, and the compartment erupts into loud laughter.

"Who are you to be shoving a boy half your size around like that? Are you afraid you'll lose if you beat on someone your own size? You horrid little cockroach." I spit as Draco makes it back to his feet. Quickly Roselle scrambled to help Tevon out of the compartment.

Slowly he approached me. Several of the other students had clear out. I backed up ever so slightly, but I kept my chin held high.

"Who are you?" Draco asked. He was several inches taller than me.

"Liliella Redd." He had been in the same house as I and he hadn't a clue who I was? What a warm, fuzzy feeling that gave me.

"Redd? I've not heard of your lot. Do not ever touch me again, Redd."

"You're a nasty little flea, who's too afraid to pick a fight with someone his own size with wand experience. So instead you decide to pick on my first year brother, and then you tell me never to touch you again? I ought to turn you into a lamp shade!" I nearly yell as I pull my wand out of my boot.

Suddenly Draco slams me into the compartment wall. His face was only inches from mine. But now I'm to angry to blush or let my vivid imagination wander the infinite possibilities this situation possessed.

"Go right ahead, Redd. I dare you." I could see the slight amusement in his crystal blue eyes.

"Call me Lily." I whisper. Suddenly all the anger replaced with those bloody hormones.

"Malfoy. Draco Malfoy." He smiles widely before turning and walking down the hall to a compartment several meters away.

Oh my. What a terribly beautiful boy he was. I smiled inwardly before finding my seat with Tanya and Alice. They chatted mindlessly, but I was somewhere in my imagination. Where Draco was everything I wanted him to be, and where I was a Gryffindor, and where these blasted visions didn't happen. Where my father lived. My magical place away from the magic.

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