Hey. I'm back.

Ah.....After leaving for a long time after I got a bad virus, and all that stuff, I've decided to come back and re-evaluate myself, and what changes have taken place.

Chapter 1

I'm alive, still.

Hey. It's been a long time since I was last on. And when I was on, it was only for a brief twenty minutes to clear out my message box. But, I've decided that every chance I get to get on my laptop, I will. And I'll come on here, post stories, talk to friends I haven't seen in a long time, and maybe get a feel for what I've missed.

So far, a good ex-friend of mine, Grace, whom I'm sure some of you know, and I just like....got together. After a few months, we broke it off. The ends split might not re-fuse, but I'm okay with that. I'm happier now pretty much on my own. It's difficulkt trying to be with someone when you don't even know whom you are on your own.

Now, I kinda sorta have another girlfriend? I guess. ANd I've never been happier. I've started writing again. I joined multiple other FFn forums, and what not. Met some good friends, sharpened my skills just a little bit, and gained some of my self esteem. I've stopped writing poetry and music, however. I've decided not to write from my experiences, because I can't articulate them well. My newest passion is fiction.

But, I'm back. I'm not sure anybody actually missed me but, Oh well. I'll have to live with that. I'm back, and I guess I'm happy to be back.

I decided to come back, when I didn;t have a propper outlet for my comedy sketches, and all that I'd decided to begin writing. I like comedy much more than deep, depressing poetry and stories lately. It makes me feel like I'm stuck, and I'd managed to pull myself back up. My depression is lessening, and after I've learned to handle my Bipolar Disorder, I'm not sure I exactly want to drop back into that for even a second.

Well....I've begun rambling. So...to summarize,
I'm a happy, person who's gotten much more comfortable in her own skin. I play volleyball and basketball, and it's helped me so much, you wouldn't believe. My coaches inspired me to pick myself back up, if not to make myself feel better, but for the good of the team. I am a musician, and a writer, with a lovely girlfriend, and more friends than I could've ever imagined having.

And I have to say, that without me joining this site, what...two years ago, that this would've never happened. I'm ready to come back to it.



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